Celebrate the new year by uniting with everyone. Florida Rock Musician Kris Heaton Band is doing the same with his latest rock single ‘ONE WORLD’, an anthem for all.


Brace up for an enticing musical journey as Kris Heaton Band has come up with a brand new rock creation. The track is called ‘ONE WORLD’ , the title track of the upcoming 11th studio album with the same name. The track is beautifully crafted with retro rock n roll essence and poetic lyricism. Just like the title suggests, the song revolves around the subject matter of unity among all; creating a world without discrimination where everyone can embrace their individuality while uniting with everyone. With an anthem-like presence, gravity, and potential; the song is connecting everyone through music.

Kris Heaton is a talented Florida Rock Musician who never fails to amaze his listeners and the latest track ‘ONE WORLD’ is no exception. His magical vocal skills meander through the whole rock soundscape and captivate everyone. The sound design is also crafted remarkably to make sure every listener finds the authentic taste of rock music in it. There is a blistering guitar solo just before the end of the track which makes it even more engaging for all. Kris has done an amazing job crafting this single that reflects brightly through the track.

Kris Heaton is a veteran music artist who has been doing rock music for more than 30 years now. With 11 studio albums, features on Radio Charts 5 times, and 2,000,000+ views on YouTube; the artist also revolves around the epitome of creativity and popularity. There is no doubt that the artists have offered a new creative wave in the music industry. Working under the label of Wood Entertainment Group, Kris is looking forward to releasing more songs in the coming days. Some of his other tracks are – ‘MY CITY OF GOLD’, ‘WATERFALL’, and ‘WE ALL NEED A HERO’. Follow Kris Heaton Band on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Facebook to know more.

Listen to this Track on Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/krisheaton/one-world

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