Two new rap jewels ‘Tired’ and ‘At Peace’ win over listeners and provide a solid affirmation of the musical genius of the Florida Hip-Hop Artist Big Walt.

Big Walt

Intricate creations characterized by vibrant colors and drawing inspiration from classic anthems of rap, the two new songs ‘Tired’ and ‘At Peace’ by the talented hip-hop artist Big Walt have all the qualities that make them irreplaceable musical gems. The two tracks, though varied in their theme and execution, rock a familiar chant-like hook with a simple musical backdrop that proceeds to weave an intrinsic design of production that is subtle and at the same time alluring. The tracks are a mix of the artist’s creative clarity and passion for music, which enable him to convey the emotions of the inner recesses of his mind effectively through the verses.

‘Tired’ churns out an outpour of vocal melody by a Florida Hip-Hop Artist in sync with a contrasting weight of raw and riotous lyrics. The verses highlight the pathos and angst of the singer while also portraying an adept style of developing bars that seem almost like a freestyle. The song displays deftness in wordplay with flawless attention to detail. The introductory ambient music gives way to the ardent gush of verses that give listeners a peek at the artist’s vulnerability. ‘At Peace’ on the other hand, is a paradox of hardcore verses and a plea for keeping negativity at bay. It is a song about the artist being able to lift himself up from all hardships and finally being able to stand up for himself, even though it meant letting go of certain things and people. The song creates an immersive soundscape that is denoted by the ever-increasing energy and grit of the singer.

Mounting up to memorable listening experiences, both these songs, as well as others by Big Walt, like ‘Lost’ and ‘HideOut’ are designed to reinforce a bond with listeners, and it does so dexterously. To listen to these brilliant creations by the artist, check his profile out on SoundCloud.

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