Chris Balgos delivers a perfect blend of captivating lyricism and impressive hip-hop vibes. Nothing can more enjoyable than the tracks by this San Diego Hip-hop Artist.

Chris Balgos

Based out of San Diego, United States, Chris Balgos always has been making music. Whether it is for himself or the community, writing comes naturally to this impressive artist. His seasoned writing skills can be seen in each of his numbers. The overwhelming essences that make a song captivating all are present in his numbers. From the first song he concocted to one of his latest Ginger Locke collaborations, ‘Zaddy’, he has been extremely brilliant to witness. The quirk in his voice along with the charmingly captivating narrations of his numbers has made the song extremely gravitating for listeners.

Another of his brilliantly performed number is ‘Get Ya Paper Man’, a reflective narrative showcasing how brilliant he is with words. This song shows the colors of his writing skills and also implements the growth he is going to have in the future. He by far has worked with various artists and most of these collaborative numbers are extremely popular on various music streaming platforms. Yet, his brilliant composing skills and hip-hop styles have ensured that this San Diego Hip-hop Artist is here for the long run. Not just by the gripping ways of making music works are truly enriched by colloquial essences.

Songs like, ‘Cant Stop This’, ‘She On MY Mind’, ‘Elevate Her’, ‘Paper Stackin Rant’, ‘Get Ya Paper Man’, and ‘Zaddy’ are going to remain with his audience for a long. The roughness the gritty flavors of his tracks are being cherished by a lot of hard-core hip-hop lovers. These flavors are the core essences that elevate a true hip-hop number. Starting his journey from nothing to making everything with his dedication and talents was truly commendable. Chris Balgos will continue to deliver even more impressive numbers in the upcoming days. But until then you will find him and his wonderful tracks on various platforms including SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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