The Pop music artist from Perth O’Neill Fernandes is making difference with his latest set of collections ‘My Island Home’. Its unique songs are gaining a lot of attention.

O'Neill Fernandes

The immensely talented artist O’Neill Fernandes has amazed all the listeners by creating mesmerizing soundtracks. This artist has gained a lot of attention from all the listeners and created a solid fanbase for his work. The intriguing music has made all of his songs captivating and attractive. The hooky and groovy flavor have helped to accumulate maximum listeners. This artist has the caliber to enrich any track with his instrumental talent. O’Neill’s unique way of presentation has assisted this artist to create a different identity among all. He is a solo artist, who single-handedly composes, records, and produces the song. This artist is a true inspiration for all young musicians.

This Pop music artist from Perth is generating a sensation among everyone with his latest album named ‘My Island Home’. This album has twenty individual songs and all of them are filled with different flavors. Among all of them, two tracks are getting more amount of attention. The songs are ‘Hurtless’ and ‘The Night Owls’. All the creations are different from each other that is what has attracted everyone. The thematic and rhythmic flow of them has assisted him to accumulate listeners from all around the world.

O’Neill Fernandes is a popular artist in the industry. He has given a lot of songs in his career, which has helped him to get established. Some of his excellent creations from ‘My Island Home’ are ‘What You Need’, ‘Little Boy Sad’, ‘Power And The Passion’, and ‘Never Give Up’. Every song is different from the other and that is what assisted him to gain so much attention from all. His creations are available on SoundCloud and YouTube. So, visit his profiles and listen to the tracks whenever you want. Also, you can follow him on Facebook to get all the updates on his future work.

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