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Nathan Draper Olsen is a digital marketer, social celebrity, and active philanthropist. He helps guide young entrepreneurs to develop and market their new ventures. Recently, he has developed and donated a website to His Grace Orphanage Ministry.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Salt Lake City, Utah Jan 24, 2023 ( – Nathan Draper Olsen, the founder of NDO SEO, is a serial entrepreneur, digital marketer, and active philanthropist. Being a well-known figure in the field of digital marketing, Nathan has served countless startups developing their businesses from scratch. His philanthropic urge kept him dedicated to helping back the community for more than a decade. 

Despite being a busy entrepreneur, Nathan has recently volunteered his time for the people of Uganda. By building a website for a nonprofit organization called His Grace Orphanage Ministry Uganda, he has played his part in the noble cause. His Grace Orphanage Ministry believes in providing education, protection, sustenance, medical care, emotional support, and spiritual guidance to orphans and poor children in our community and outlying areas of Uganda. 

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Ssengoba Stephen, founder of His Grace Orphanage Ministry, and people like Nathan Draper Olsen inspire others to donate to the cause. They emphasize clean water as an essential need of the affected communities. It has been estimated by a UN agency that over 80 percent of diseases in these countries are related to poor water quality. The organization needs funds to dig the water wells.


Other than the issue of water, the significant concerns of the organization include the following:

– Food

– Clothing

– Shelter


Currently, around 38% of kids under 5 years of age face nourishment issues and do not have ample food to enjoy a healthy life. Approximately 38% of the population in the targeted area is beneath the distribution line of $1.25 each day. This is undoubtedly not enough to meet the daily expense. Moreover, with a very nominal payment of $65 every month, it is to be expected that more than 66% of Ugandans live in conditions that are not up to the mark for living standards. These are incredibly horrific stats.


Nathan believes, “Every child, irrespective of their racial or cultural background, deserves safety, comfort, food, education, clothes, and shelter.” The philanthropic urge of the young entrepreneur keeps him on his toes to help the deserved ones. Currently, he is running a Facebook group entitled Small Business Marketing Mastermind. The group is free to join for everyone. The number of members of the group is rapidly increasing. Nathan’s motive is to help people as much as he can by sharing his knowledge and experience inferred from his journey. Nathan says, “With little knowledge, energy, guts, talent, technique, and temperament, everybody can be a business leader.” For that, he believes marketing is imperative to develop any business. According to his teachings, coining new terms or a business idea is not a big deal but pushing this idea to reach a maximum number of people is the real job. Nathan knows this art of marketing very well. 


Nathan is active on the NDO SEO Facebook Account, where he constantly shares substantial chunks of marketing and business-related tips, tricks, and news articles. Nathan is the owner of several websites, including docwebdesign, 14k Marketing, and a lot of others in addition to NDO SEO.


About Company:

Nathan Draper Olsen is a top-notch digital marketing expert and philanthropist. He owns NDO SEO, a digital marketing agency that offers a wide variety of services like Search Engine Optimization and Web Designing. He has been working with many nonprofit organizations to help them collect donations for the affected communities in underdeveloped countries. 

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