(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- New Delhi, Delhi Mar 22, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Traditionally, travelers would need to visit the nearest Indian embassy to collect the paper visa which is now has changed and can be obtained online. With minimal information, Indian e-Visa can be collected from anywhere around the world at any time. The visa application must be completed at least 4 days before the arrival to India. The entire application process is done online and can be completed within as little as 5 minutes. Know more about the Indian Visa Application from: https://www.indiavisa-online.org/india-visa-application. Obtaining the visa is not difficult as well and will be dependent upon the traveler’s nationality or citizenship on the passport and his intent to visit. Citizens can get various types of Indian e-Visa, like Tourist eVisa, Business e-Visa, Medical e-Visa, and Medical Attendant e-Visa. Know more about the Indian Visa Online from: https://www.indiavisa-online.org/india-visa-online.

There are several countries, 180 to be exact in the world that are eligible to obtain an Indian e-Visa for one of those above-mentioned purposes.  One of these countries is Argentina and Argentinian citizens can get the Indian e-Visa within just 3-4 business days at the earliest. After the visa application is done online and payment is made, the visa will automatically be sent to the applicant’s given email address which they can print out or carry as it is at the time of arrival. Using the Indian e-Visa, Argentinean citizens can travel to India by air and cruise ship. Know more about the INDIAN VISA FOR ARGENTINA Citizens from: https://www.indiavisa-online.org/india-visa-eligibility/india-visa-for-argentinian-citizens.

Similarly, the INDIAN VISA FOR UNITED STATES Citizens is also available which will be issued by the government of India and will be nonconvertible and non-extendable. The tourist e-Visa can be applied for 30 days, 1 year, and 5 years. On the other hand, the medical and business e-Visa is valid for one year. Know the details at: https://www.india-visa-online.org/india-e-visa-for-united-states-citizens/. The INDIA MEDICAL EVISA will require personal details such as the applicant’s full name, date of birth, passport information, and travel information including the purpose of the trip, travel dates, and the hospital the applicant will be going to. It also requires full details of the medical condition and the required treatment. Know more from: https://www.indiavisa-online.org/the-full-guide-to-medical-tourism-in-india/.

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