Charming and enjoyable, this Pop music artist from Perth, O’Neill Fernandes has offered some of his best performances in ‘Let’s Dance…Vol.6’, an energetic musical treat.

O'Neill Fernandes

After spending a great amount of time with music and for music, O’Neill Fernandes is all set to offer something new through his latest release. Apart from being his 40th album, this album is also a double album as this time he is bringing the old cassette vibes back with a side A and side B. ‘Let’s Dance…Vol.6’ is the side of his double album. And in this release, he has offered some of his incredibly well-arranged and performed music. Each of these tracks is extremely enticing and dance-worthy. He has been excelling in his musical ability and sharpening his skills with his every release. His skills are well seasoned and truly gravitating to witness.

The second song of this double album side B is ‘At The Hop’ a charming pop song by Danny and The Juniors in 1957. And his rendition of that classic number was a treat to witness, from the peppy soundscapes to the highly energizing gravity. This song will make you unwind and listen to this number. Having a great taste for music has driven this Pop music artist from Perth to offer his listeners tracks that are widely enjoyed. And his veteran dexterity has been the only reason behind his engaging popularity.

Another track of this album recorded by Ohio Express in 1968, ‘Yummy Yummy Yummy’, will also make you dance and allow you to have a great time. O’Neill Fernandes’s releases have always been widely enjoyable, but each track of this album is widely vibrant and versatile. There are 21 tracks in ‘Let’s Dance…Vol.6’ and each of them is highly energetic and incredibly fervent to witness. And all of these numbers from this album have incredibly kept the core essence unchanged while his musical sense has added the spice to each of these numbers. Follow this forever charming music artist on SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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