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John Wick is back with a bang and this time it is even better, bigger, and badder. Keanu Reeves seems to be aging like a fine wine in the character of John Wick as gets more badass with each chapter. This fourth installment is gaining the best reviews from the action thriller franchise.

Even critics have offered approval for the audience to hit the theaters as Rotten Tomatoes awarded John Wick: Chapter 4 a very positive 94%. This is huge than the 2014’s original movie at 86% and the next two chapters at 89%.

John Wick: Chapter 4 is all set to release this Friday, March 24. The reporters are saying that Chapter 4 has outperformed its previous chapter in almost every aspect.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Frank Scheck said, “Reeves commits so thoroughly to the role’s insane physical demands that he should get an award, if not for acting, then merely surviving.” He described the movie as “Bigger, badder, bolder, longer, and featuring nearly more spectacular set pieces than one movie can comfortably handle, this epic action film practically redefines the stakes.”

Keanu’s exceptional acting skills are being praised by all as Los Angeles Times’ Justin Chang said, “Reeves somehow barrels through the picture with equal parts rampaging force and Zen-like cool. Never one to upstage his fellow actors, he succeeds, as few movie stars could, at both drawing and deflecting the camera’s attention.”

Keanu Reeves who have previously worked in multiple movies like Point Break, Speed, and the Matrix Movies said that it is “cool” and “kind” of people for considering the latest film as one of the greatest action movies of all time.

While the anticipation is high, a piece of bad news struck the industry as co-star Lance Reddick passed away. He played the role of hotel manager Charon in the franchise. With the incident hitting the fans and the co-stars, Reeves said in an interview, “Lance was a beautiful person, [a] special artist, a man of grace and dignity, and such a passion for his craft. And to have the chance to work with him over 10 years and four films is something that is very special to me and it sucks he’s not here.”

While all the journalists and film critics are complimenting this latest chapter, some of them also criticized it by calling it an “overlong and overstuffed action sequel”. Empire’s Alex Godfrey said that the movie is “relentlessly violent”. He could not take it as he said, “It’s all a bit much. Yes, it’s a love letter to action cinema, but so much so that action cinema might want to take out a restraining order.”

But at the same time, Reeves’ performance is something that can captivate everyone. Therefore Godfrey said, “Reeves basically operates with one register (mythologically gruff). But then again, that’s what this series is, and even with that narrow remit, Reeves is ceaselessly charismatic.”

It is time to see what the audiences have to say regarding this latest chapter of menacing John Wick!