Chairman Lee Manhee at the 2021 Shincheonji Online Seminars

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Chicago, Illinois Mar 24, 2023 ( – Shincheonji Church of Jesus, based in Seoul, South Korea, has been gaining a lot of attention in recent days due to its theological seminary commencement of over 100,000 graduates in 2022 and its subsequent photo exhibitions that garnered strong attention from the general public. Currently, 198 churches in Korea and 5,804 churches in 78 countries have endorsed MOUs with Shincheonji. Whilst, 258 churches in 15 countries have changed their signboards to display “Shincheonji, Church of Jesus.”

Following this news, a recent letter was delivered from their HQ General Assembly explaining the reason and uniqueness of the doctrine of Shincheonji compared to other organizations. Lee Ji-yeon, the Director of the Education Ministry of Shincheonji Church wrote, “When Jesus fulfilled the Book of Revelation, there is only one person who has seen and heard by His side, and he is the (new) John of Revelation 22:8 . Jesus fed New John, the promised pastor, the opened scroll in Revelation 10, and in Revelation 22:16, Jesus told him to go and preach to the churches in sin.” 

In Shincheonji’s online seminars viewed by over 22 million people worldwide, each of the instructors stated that this “New John,” is referring to Chairman Lee Man-hee of Shincheonji Church, who says that he has seen and heard the fulfillment of the Christian book of prophecy, Revelation, and is testifying to it as commanded by Jesus. Hence Shincheonji believes that the reason why no one else can testify to this book correctly except them is because this New John, often referred to as, “the promised pastor,” is only in Shincheonji.

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However, many churches and Christians have labeled Shincheonji to be a “cult” or an organization teaching heresy. Concerning this, Chairman Lee Man-hee of Shincheonji has written letters to pastors of Korea confronting them on this claim, stating, “In order to figure out who the cult is, New John has suggested to the Protestant Church to take an exam before the public on Revelation. However, they have not accepted taking the exam.” Chairman Lee also wrote in a separate letter, “Let us verify by taking an exam. I mean, to see who is heresy.”

Shincheonji Church has publicly encouraged pastors to check and verify whether their teachings are true or not through viewing their online seminars on their official YouTube page or any of the branch churches’ pages. One of the pastors who recently graduated from the Bible course taught under the Zion Christian Mission Center, Shincheonji’s educational institute, shared a contrasting view, “Shincheonji is the City of truth prophesied in the Bible and through Shincheonji, the era when God reigns is approaching.” 

Locally in the USA, members of the Chicago community who have encountered teaching from Shincheonji have spoken positively of the doctrine. “I came to learn that God is one who prophesies and fulfills and that because of prophecy and fulfillment, He is living and active,” shared Dominique Sims. Kacper Trampka also encouraged the general public saying, “Even though I had doubts in the beginning, I want to encourage anyone to take the course because you will receive a deeper understanding of the scriptures and God.”

Shincheonji continues to testify to the prophecies of the book of Revelation and their fulfilled realities through ongoing seminars in its domestic churches in Korea and abroad, including here in the USA. 

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