2nd Annual Web3AR Easter Egg Hunt

in Conjunction with Metaverse Fashion Week

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- San Francisco, California Mar 29, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Claim your spot for the international easter egg hunt for friends and family brought to you by the Dream Kollab and Over the Reality community.  Leading metaverse developer, Mints, is proud to announce the 2nd Annual Web3/AR Easter Egg Hunt in conjunction with Metaverse Fashion Week. This exciting event, sponsored by Hangry Animals, Z1NKX, OVER the Reality, and Squid.biz will take place over Easter weekend, from Friday, April 7th to Sunday, April 9th, and will offer participants the opportunity to win prizes and more.

The game will unfold across multiple virtual lands, featuring collaborations with over 12 top creators from the metaverse. Participants will explore and uncover some of the most exciting projects in the space while learning about Web3 technology and discovering the latest trends in a virtual fashion. The event is a unique opportunity to learn and engage with the metaverse in a fun and interactive way.

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To participate, players will claim a free minted token, which serves as their key to the rest of the game. On Friday, April 7th, players will be provided with a list of links to the lands where they must search for eggs, along with instructions. Access to the lands with eggs will be token-gated, requiring the initial token.

The grand prize includes a wearable from OVER the Reality, $FOOD tokens from Hangry Animals, and $Z1 tokens from the Z1NKX project. In celebration of Metaverse Fashion Week, OVER the Reality is hosting a contest for wearables, making the inclusion of their wearable in the Easter basket prize even more timely. Z1NKX project is “a walk between worlds” and is building an IRL/WEB3 shoe community. Hangry Animals will be offering multiple metaverse fashion items of their own in the coming months to go along with their storyline and characters. The event highlights the importance of virtual fashion in the metaverse and serves as a perfect opportunity for players to update their virtual wardrobes.

“We are thrilled to bring together some of the most talented creators in the metaverse for this unique and exciting Easter egg hunt,” said Joe Lazzaretto, event organizer. “The Web3/AR Easter Egg Hunt offers participants a chance to discover new projects, learn about the latest developments in the space, and explore the growing world of virtual fashion. We eagerly anticipate everyone participating and exploring the many virtual lands that are part of the game.”

The following creators have confirmed their participation in the event: Mints, Osuvox, Hangry Animals, Cybernerdbaby, Drone Store, Allan Walker, Balboski, Hexidized, Fractal Labs, LMDesign8, Adrian Dominic, Joe Soyo, Altered Alley, Lawbrecker, Matthew Giblin, and 3rd Planet Studio.

Participants can stay informed on the latest news and developments by following Mints on Twitter or joining their Discord.

For more information, please contact Mints at [email protected].

About Mints: Mints is a leading metaverse developer dedicated to creating innovative and immersive virtual experiences that push the boundaries of what’s possible in the space and that draw people into the metaverse.  www.mintsinthemetaverse.com

About OVER the Reality: OVER is a platform that has divided the world up into 1.6 trillion hexagons that you can own and place precise AR content on.OVERlands can be developed to educate, communicate, sell, inspire, film, explore, play, or work in. www.ovr.ai

About Hangry Animals: Hangry Animals is a web3 project focused on developing a complete storyline with characters and then turning that into various digital assets including comic books, animated series, games, and fashion. www.hangryanimals.com

About Z1NKX: Z1NKX is focused on building a web3 community centered around the shoes that they are developing for the digital and IRL worlds. The project is building itself organically with fans of the product. www.z1nkx.app

About Squid.biz: Squid.biz empowers you to monetize and split revenue from a project in a simple, secure, and transparent way. www.squid.biz

About Dream Kollab: Dream Kollab onboards businesses into metaverses. www.dreamkollab.com


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