(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Apple Valley, California Apr 3, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), as a concept of decentralized autonomous organization, is mainly used in the field of blockchain investment.
DAO application cases in the real world are scarce, because DAO decentralized governance is still a technical operation, and some professional knowledge is required to participate.
DAODST proposed a solution to provide a comprehensive solution for DAO governance. DAODST first started from the perspective of users and provided an open-source APP application to allow most people to quickly adopt and use the DAO governance solution.
First of all, DAODST integrates DAO governance, information encryption, an online communication section, a digital currency wallet, and the meaning of DAO, that is, decentralized community encrypted telegram. It is used as a daily application APP. At the same time, participate in DAO governance based on the IM communication interface, and participate in the DAO economy through the wallet section. DAODST provides a node gateway with partial centralization functions, capable of multiple independent community governance systems, providing a privatization model, and can formulate an economic model on this basis, and connect with real-world data or systems through oracle machines.
DAODST also provides solutions for entrepreneurs, can quickly implement DAO-style management for their own teams, and give DAODST financial capabilities to achieve effective incentives and provide a fair and open competition environment.
Through open source components, DAODST can quickly generate a set of independent APP applications, which reduces the development difficulty and cost of privatization requirements, and notifies the security of information communication in a private state.
At this stage, DAODST is still in constant development and iteration, but from the perspective of development direction, this project has already moved toward the correct route.



Source :DAODST

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