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Brú Finance Takes DeFi to Farmer Financing

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Mumbai, Maharashtra Apr 5, 2023 ( – Brú Finance, a next-generation DeFi protocol, has announced its Mainnet launch on the Polygon chain.

Brú Finance aims to bridge the gap between yield-seeking capital in developed countries and credit-starved emerging markets, serving underbanked communities such as farmers, small businesses, and the urban poor, using its unique asset-backed DeFi lending protocol.

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With a proven track record of creating financial inclusion for underbanked communities, Brú Finance and its associate entities have already served $12 million in loans to farmers in India using a blockchain platform that counts a network of governments, banks, warehouses, and farm communities as customers and partners. The Brú Finance network currently boasts 1400 custodian warehouses, 15000 farmers, 3000+ small businesses, and 6 financial institutions.

Brú Finance’s innovative fractional ESG bonds mechanism, backed by real-world assets (RWA) like commodities, allows liquidity providers to subscribe to 6-month tenure bonds that generate superior yields with the security of highly liquid collateral. The proceeds of these bonds are used to provide short-term, duration-matched loans to communities in emerging markets that are typically not serviced by traditional banking ecosystems.

As the largest protocol for tokenizing commodities globally, Brú Finance is a one-of-a-kind on-chain lending protocol that straddles traditional and decentralized finance. Leveraging DeFi rails, Brú Finance aims to create a universal open financial ecosystem on a global scale, facilitating the free flow of capital from the global north to the global south. The startup aims to channel a large chunk of the $4 trillion asset-backed loans market to decentralized finance rails.

The launch of Brú Finance’s mainnet marks a significant milestone for the project, opening new possibilities for the DeFi industry. The Brú Finance DeFi platform will enable users to conduct transactions on-chain, tokenize their assets, borrow money against tokenized assets, and create a secondary market for tokenized assets, even if they are not part of the crypto ecosystem. This cutting-edge technology will be instrumental in bridging the gap between the real and crypto worlds, paving the way for the mass adoption of DeFi and blockchain.

Brú Finance is positioning itself as a significant player in the global DeFi space with its unparalleled innovations, groundbreaking improvements, and extraordinary features. While starting with Agri supply chain financing in India, the startup aims to grow globally and establish its presence across emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and Latin America in 2023, adding more asset-backed lending products such as Gold Loan, Machinery Finance, Receivables Finance, etc., to its offerings. 

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Brú Finance
Globally the largest issuer of tokenized commodities, Brú Finance is bringing emerging market asset-backed ESG bonds to DeFi, serving the 1.70 billion un/underbanked population in the global south starting with agriculture supply chain financing in India.
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