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(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Madurai, Tamil Nadu Apr 5, 2023 ( – Delve into the Modernized features pivoted in Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Software to perform flawless trading.

Hivelance, the Global Top-tier Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company offers the best-in class solutions with ultimate support throughout. Our skillful Experts align your requirements to manifest your business integrity to international standards.

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Being an Accredited Organization, We step forward in proudly presenting Our futuristic Crypto Trading Software with exclusive features and functionalities.

Our Main Motto is ” Rendering Best Services with High-end Security”. Remarking the words, Our Developing team is keen on bringing-out the cryptocurrency exchange platform with entire customization coded with advanced programming languages. Features to be incorporated within the software are based on the demands of client’s. We tend to make the system function more effectively without any difficulties.

Types of Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform We Develop

There are different types of Cryptocurrency Exchange platform available for performing seamless trading of bitcoins and other cryptos. Each platform has typical operations and characteristics, which explains the performance and profit rendering capacity. The types are listed below:

Readymade Crypto Exchange Script

Hivelance provides a turnkey solution for businesses looking to enter the cryptocurrency exchange market. With its comprehensive features, advanced security, and scalability, Hivelance’s advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs who want to build a successful and profitable crypto exchange platform instantly.

White Label Crypto Exchange Software Development

Hivelance offers a white label crypto exchange software that enables businesses to quickly launch their own customized cryptocurrency exchange platform. The software is designed with advanced technology and a user-friendly interface to ensure a seamless trading experience for users.

Centralized Crypto Exchange Platform Development

A Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange platform is the traditional trading ecosystem, where the purchase of cryptos takes place with the authorization of a central body. Benefits are shared between the buyer, seller and the owner of the platform. In this platform, liquidity level will be higher and security is low.

Decentralized Crypto Exchange Platform Development

Overcoming the shortcomings of the CEX platform, the Decentralized Cryptocurrency exchange process happens without the influence of any third party. Automatically, the processing occurs which can’t be broken or misled. Entire function keeps running under the assistance of blockchain technology, hence security is higher.

Hybrid Crypto Exchange Platform Development

Accompanying the operations and also the components of both centralized and decentralized platform, Hybrid cryptocurrency exchange platform serves many benefits to the users. As the name suggests, transactions are faster as in CEX, and security is inherited as in DEX. Liquidity of the platform is higher.

P2P Crypto Exchange Platform Development

Through this platform, the exchange occurs directly between the users without intermediaries. Accessibility is easier and security is higher. Many users prefer this exchange for enduring safer transactions.

OTC Exchange Software Development

OTC Crypto exchange process is the trading happening directly between two parties without the dependency of public deals and occurs in a secured environment. Our OTC exchange platform developed for you has less transparency, offering users exclusive options like quoting prices that are unaware to others until the transaction is completed in a secure way.

Instant Crypto Exchange Platform Development

In this exchange platform, the cryptos are exchanged instantly within a fraction of second. Users need to select the type of cryptocurrency to be transferred, choose the rate and wait for the confirmation. Then funds are deposited with details of the accounts which are to receive them. Instantly funds are transacted to the wallets.

Crypto Spot Exchange Platform Development

Spot trading resembles the process of buying/ selling digital assets on the spot market. This happens between the traders directly and there is no leverage or margin. Our developers create an User-friendly interface that is the most enriched component needed for crypto spot trading. Our Platform provides in-depth analysis of pricing and execution.

Margin Trading Exchange Platform Development

Margin trading involves borrowing funds from an exchange and using it to make a trade. It doubles the ability of returns when buying or selling cryptocurrency. With our margin trading exchange software, traders can maximize their profits with low investments. Our margin trading exchange can attract many users which in turn makes profits.

Crypto Copy Trading Platform Development

Crypto copy trading paves the way for traders to automatically copy the positions of several expert traders and both will be connected. This implies that deals taking part in a single trader account will be executed in another trader account. Hivelance team can develop the platform from scratch or the white label solution adoption.

Crypto Derivatives Exchange Development

In crypto derivative trading, buyer and seller assign themselves into an automated financial contract in order to sell the digital asset. The assets are sold at a particular time and price. Crypto derivatives can be traded on both centralized exchange and decentralized exchange platforms. Our developers align all the processing in a simulated way.

Crypto Futures Trading Platform Development

Crypto futures trading is the process of speculating the asset price which also comprehends the cryptocurrencies without having ownership of it. In this process, the traders will step forward in buying or selling derivative contracts that will indicate the value of provided crypto at a particular date in the future. Build your Crypto futures Trading platform with us.

Crypto Exchange App Development

We are the best Crypto exchange apps development company who can help you to launch your exchange apps with required features and functions. You can stand as the unique and dominative icon in the markets with outstanding growth and profitability. Our apps developed for you have features like user-friendly interface, admin panel, Powerful APIs, Web sockets and so on.

Crypto Exchange Listing Services

Hivelance can assist the token owners to list their coins listed on the platform in an easier way. Token listing on an exchange is the process of making a digital asset available for trading on a cryptocurrency exchange. Listing on exchanges also helps to increase awareness of the coin and is easily accessible to more people. Get your listing services right now.

Features of Our Cryptocurrency Exchange platform Development

It is listed below as follows:

1. Advanced UI/UX
2. High-performance trading engine
3. Multi-crypto wallet integration
4. Multi-payment gateway integration
5Multi-lingual integration
6. Liquidity API integration
7. Advanced processing of orders
8. Market order, stop order and limit order
9. Secure Admin & User Dashboard
10. User authentication and verification
11. IEO launchpad
12. Analytical tools
13. Instant Crypto Exchange Options
14. Transaction history
15. Referral program
16. Push notifications

In-addition to the above features, we never let your satisfaction down, and hence we include powerful security features like:

1. Two-Factor Authentication
2. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)
3. Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)
4.SQL injection Prevention
5.Anti-DDoS modules
6. Web Protocol Security
7. Cold wallet
8. Registry Lock
9. Security Socket Layer (SSL) integration
10. Jail login
11. CSRF and SSRF Protection
12. Data Management and encryption
13. Anti-throttling system
14. Cloudflare Protection
15. Anti-Phishing Software

For a trading platform, several functionalities are needed to be a vital part to enhance the process. Apart from the above features, there is also a list of points to be highlighted. In Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Software, we hooked up options for performing successful trading along with enhanced Features and analytical tools. Some of the inbound derivative trading features are displayed below as follows:

1. Options Trading
2. Perpetual Trading

Bitcoin Lightning Network Platform Development

Lightning network is a second layer protocol operating on bitcoin blockchain to perform transactions faster. In short, it is a two way method of transacting in which the process happens by making payments and receiving it. Layer two enhances the scalability of blockchain applications, benefitting from the mainnet powerful decentralized security paradigm. By using a Lightning Network channel, both parties can transact with each other.

Multi Crypto Wallet Development

Cryptocurrency wallets provide users with ultimate solutions for securely storing and managing cryptocurrencies. Making it accessible for both mobile and websites, we design your wallets ensuring easier accessibility for the users and it supports both Android and iOS. Our team of developers design and develop your crypto wallets following your customization ideas, providing enhanced security, quicker transactions and entire control over the digital assets. Some of the important features like biometrics, multi currency support, QR scan code, cross-chain compatibility, automatic conversion rates etc are being incorporated in our wallets. Our architectural design to create your crypto wallet includes dominant patterns, along with enhancing front end and back end codes. To make all the functionalities of a crypto wallet happen in a regulated way, smart contracts have been included by our efficient team of developers.

About Hivelance

Hivelance is a leading crypto exchange software development company that offers cutting-edge solutions for businesses looking to enter the rapidly-growing world of cryptocurrencies. With a team of experienced developers, designers, and business analysts, Hivelance is dedicated to delivering custom crypto exchange solutions that meet the unique needs of its clients.

One of the key strengths of Hivelance is its ability to deliver top-notch technology solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of its clients. The company has a deep understanding of the crypto industry and stays up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices. This allows Hivelance to deliver custom solutions that are scalable, secure, and user-friendly

Hivelance offers a range of services that cover every aspect of crypto exchange development. Its services include exchange platform development, smart contract development, liquidity integration, security integration, and API integration. This comprehensive suite of services ensures that clients can build a fully-functional and secure crypto exchange platform that is ready to go live in a matter of weeks.

Another key strength of Hivelance is its commitment to quality. The company follows rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure that all its solutions are of the highest quality. Its team of experts conducts extensive testing and quality checks at every stage of the development process to ensure that the final product meets the highest standards.

Summing Up:

Enhancing a number of useful aspects to the users, Our cryptocurrency exchange platform can lay the pathway to carry out trading without any difficulties. Understanding your business requirements, Hivelance team provides you the best end-to-end solutions to transform the working strategies of various business verticals. Leveraging the implementation of futuristic tools and tech, Our exclusively designed cryptocurrency exchange platform is backed with high quality enriched features for making the process run smoothly. Get in touch with our experts now to design yours.

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