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Born from a desire to help those with ADHD & anxiety, an alternative to medicinal & clinical solutions.

No crashing, jitters or nasty side effects. Organic, vegan & produced to the highest standard, unlike chemically produced alternatives or coffee.

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Mushroom lover, micro-dose enthusiast, or maybe you’re just looking for an extra bit of focus, Gold Dust – with its unique name – immediately appeals.

Offering a free sample upon signing up seems like a no-brainer to give them a try.

Gold Dust promotes ”no crashing, jitters or nasty side effects. Everything is organic and vegan, produced to the highest standards, unlike chemically produced alternatives or coffee”.

Their vision is ”to be the most comprehensive and affordable solution to help increase productivity at home, in the workplace and daily life”.

When visiting the Variety Mode web page, you see various health benefits listed for their all-in-one blends. These benefits – are a result of the ancient mushrooms and the properties they contain.

The packaging states a ”natural solution to brain fog, fatigue, and tiredness backed by science with no adverse side effects. A product that helps in the long run, not just in the short term”. So it’s notable that the use of their products should be continual. With any of the best all-in-one mushroom adaptogens, the longer you use them – the better the effect.

So first things first, where does the ‘UK’s most affordable’ come in?

There is a real need for these products, but the problem is often PRICE. Many companies push these natural supplements as a luxury rather than a necessity, meaning they come in only one form and dosage – this ends up breaking your bank if you want to see the benefits of many mushrooms, like Reishi, Cordyceps, Lions Mane, Chaga & Ashwagandha!

Variety Mode’s powder (vanilla or cocoa) comes in at less than 87p a day, and their ‘on-the-go gummy form’ is less than 65p a day.

Many offer mushrooms in capsule form at a similar price for only one of the four, with no real direction or motivation for those who consume. So as far as cost is concerned, they’re the most affordable with a considerable price gap, with potent dosages that excel their competitors.

Many reviews compliment how quickly the products arrive – within 48 hours – In eco-friendly and sustainable packaging, which is an excellent way to let everyone know they are concerned about the environment and the planet. As part of their free sample package, you can receive two all-in-one beverage mixes: a cocoa/mushroom blend, a vanilla/mushroom and a few cherry bear gummies!

The style of outer packaging has a ”Sleek & Sheen” appeal. With a beautiful design, the package is well balanced between a gold typeface and just the right amount of black space, giving it a more luxurious-looking appearance vs the usual daily cupboard of coffee pods most have to stare back at them every morning.

The first thing many customers noticed about the cocoa is its delicious aroma – a review by Anna A. “it’s like a high-end blend of hot choc, but with a soft Cadbury-like lingering.”

A common question for all-in-one blends is, ‘do I drink it hot or cold?’ Many adaptogenic blends are too thick or chalky to be consumed with cold water. 

Gold Dust boasts – their powders are incredibly easy to mix in cold water, with a few swirls with the spoon, no lumps & no sediment (very impressive). As previously stated, the taste resembles a more lavish version of hot chocolate (when heated) with a little more richness than a typical cup of cocoa. 

As well as a sweet chocolate scent, Gold Dust leaves the taste buds pleasantly surprised by its rich chocolatey flavour, not too light or strong – without any earthy notes that one might expect from such a product.

So what are the potential benefits?

Increased energy, better mental clarity, and a sharper focus are just the beginning of the possible benefits. Trustpilot reviewer Henry A. states ”I powered through an entire sales deck, cleared all my emails, owned a conference call, and planned the rest of my day before realising that I hadn’t fallen into the usual distractions the internet could offer A+”.

As an attempt to explain the benefits many have experienced when consuming their products – multiple comments include ‘feeling more alert, a laser-like focus and attentiveness.’ 

Could it be down to a first-time experience or perhaps a placebo effect?

Most of the nation typically starts on their second caffeinated beverage around midday. Gold Dust drinkers regularly find themselves without the urge for a late-morning fix. Others mention snacking on a few of their tasty cherry gummies to give an additional ‘kick’ of clarity as they move into the later part of their day. Interestingly their gummies and their vanilla powder are entirely caffeine-free. So if you’re somewhat of a coffee addict, sticking to one or two servings of cocoa would likely be your best bet.

Purchasing a combination of gummies and powder will cost the same amount (and in some cases less) than many of their competitor’s one-month supply, so value for money is paramount to their brand.

Whether you choose to experiment with both powder blends and the gummies or simply just the powder, when looking at reviews, Gold Dust Cocoa wins in the mornings and gummies in the afternoons. 

Variety Mode’s all-in-one blend vs the typical daily coffee intake reports users are noticing a significant increase in many areas.

The following are some of the things their customers have reported:

– juggling multiple projects at the same time

– it is easier to stay focused on the task at hand

– increased calm

– less reactive and generally in a better mood

– improved mental health

– lowered stress & feelings of anxiety

– reduced fatigue

So let’s go back to their claims:

Variety Mode states that ‘after month one, consumers feel noticeably less stressed, more focussed and, as previously mentioned, feel much calmer.’

Providing a natural and healthy energy source in 2023 and beyond is in desperate need; gone are the days of energy drinks and similar health-destroying ‘pick-me-ups’ that came with tragic crashes. Gold Dust Cocoa delivers.

As for the vanilla flavour, the lack of caffeine naturally may take away from the typical caffeine jolt that many enjoy. It, however, is an excellent solution for caffeine-sensitive individuals and those allergic to cacao!

Even the most passionate despiser of mushrooms could enjoy this, with no overpowering mushroom flavour at all. Finding a product in 2023 that delivers on its claims is a tall order.

Variety Mode’s products surpass expectations considering a bottle of gummies and powder pouch comes in at less than £1.30 a day and certainly offers more health and immunity-related benefits than the name-brand coffee shops that charge almost treble.

Testing and tasting products – hot and cold, sweet and with non-dairy milk, etc., quickly can become a fun game for influencers and creators.

If you’re a 2/3 times a day coffee drinker, maybe order two powders instead of the gummy bottle to get more mileage for your money.

Gold Dust is a delicious way to introduce your taste buds to something new, especially true if you enjoy foods and beverages that offer; a boost to your immune system, provide nourishment, antioxidants and taste great.

Check out Variety Mode’s website to find out what each all-in-one blend offers and how to use it.

Subscribe to Variety Mode’s products to save up to 40% off each order, and a limited-time offer lets first-time buyers receive a 5-day sample pack. Although you won’t see full benefits in only five days, it is an excellent way to ensure you like the taste and figure out what dosage suits you best!

Among the additional benefits:

-100% naturally sourced ingredients and packaged and prepped in the UK

-1000mg of pure and potent mushrooms: Chaga, Reishi, Lions Mane & Cordyceps

-immunity boosting ingredients: Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea, Maca root

-beneficial for reducing stress, relieving anxiety and helping with low mood and mild depression

-contains Vitamin B5, high in fibre


-like coffee, it increases the immune system’s strength

-excellent for heart health

-relieves fatigue and tension

-assists in improving sleep quality

-enhances mental well-being

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The World’s most affordable wellness brand

Gold Dust aims to give focus, energy and a zen-like calm to those who need it.

It combines four of the most powerful and scientifically proven natural mushroom extracts;

Reishi, Lions Mane, Cordyceps and Chaga blended into a powder and a gummy form.