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Leading Pickleball Equipment and Sports Instruction Companies Combine Strengths


(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Miami, Florida Mar 24, 2023 ( – SportsEdTV , a leader in online sports instruction and GAMMA Pickleball, similarly positioned in the pickleball equipment and accessories space, will join forces to advance player improvement and enjoyment.  The partners will collaborate in the creation of a video library and other pickleball content in the fast-growing sport, and will build a community of players who are on the pickleball journey.

“Our partnership will create content to help pickleball players improve skills and knowledge of the young game as it skyrockets in sports and social importance,” said SportsEdTV Co-Founder and Chairman Robert Mazzucchelli.

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Josh Taylor-Martin, Vice President of Marketing of GAMMA Pickleball called the partnership “a significant collaboration that can only serve to benefit the rapidly expanding population of pickleball enthusiasts, new to the game as well as those who came to enjoy it as early adopters.”

The partnership will also involve creating blogs, social media content, and other valuable insights from SportsEdTV coaches and GAMMA Pickleball experts, demonstrating techniques and products.

“The partnership is an exciting development for pickleball enthusiasts because it brings together two organizations with deep expertise and passion to provide high-quality resources to a fast-growing sport,” added Victor Bergonzoli, CEO of SportsEdTV

About SportsEdTV: SportsEdTV exists to help athletes, coaches, and parents LEARN, WIN, and CELEBRATE. We don’t expect everyone who uses our learning tools to become a world champion – that’s not our mission.

We do expect people who use our educational resources to become their champions, by whatever definition they view success in their chosen sport. For some, success is making the varsity team, for others, it’s becoming country champion, and for others still, it may simply be gaining proficiency at a sport that offers a lifetime of fun and fitness. “

To us, no matter your aspirations in sports, if you are striving to improve, you are winning! As a leading sports education media company, we provide FREE video and blog content to anyone in the world with an internet connection.

We also offer a global online community, where athletes, parents, and coaches can interact, connect, chat, share content, and find new friends. SportsEdTV videos feature coaching from world-class coaches and athletes – many of whom are or have coached world champions – and have been watched by viewers in every country in the world.

About GAMMA Sports: GAMMA Sports is a family-owned and operated sports manufacturer based out of Pittsburgh, PA. GAMMA is an industry leader in both pickleball and tennis due to its innovative products for athletes of all skill levels.

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