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The online marketplace for the agricultural industry opens up their services to the agricultural industry to market, sell and promote their products within this rapidly changing segment.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Wilmington, Delaware Apr 7, 2023 ( – Agoverse, being hailed the Amazon of agriculture and Blockchain advertising metaverse, has opened up registrations for storefront owners to showcase their products, services and to advertise. Those in agriculture and related industries can now sign up at and easily create an online storefront, making the process incredibly simple for selling products, services and engaging with other businesses. Sellers, customers and potential service clients will have peace of mind surrounding secure online payments, shipping options and order tracking for agricultural focused customers around the country. The platform also gives storefront owners access to blockchain and advertising tools for promoting via affiliate, SEO, email newsletters and PR angles.

Agoverse boasts both a centralized multi-vendor marketplace and Web3 advertising blockchain system, connecting potential buyers and other professionals in the agriculture industry utilizing the latest, preferred storefront technologies and payments via crypto, NFTs, and most popular payment processors. As a blockchain-based platform, Agoverse is also set with a long term vision for the metaverse, allowing both customers and business owners to immerse themselves in an interactive, virtual world. Users can access real-time market data and insights, allowing for informed decisions to stay ahead of the competition.

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Agoverse is exclusively for farmers and other agribusiness so they can securely track their product supply chain, which in turn helps prevent fraud, is properly recorded via the blockchain and ultimately builds overall goodwill with customers. Agopay is their official payment platform, allowing customers to leverage crypto and NFT transactions within the Agoverse space, and Agolend even connects farmers with popular lenders and their loan products for a fraction of the cost elsewhere. The Agoverse ad platform provides a robust, connected ad system that allows users to promote their business in the metaverse, as well as leverage traditional SEO and marketing platforms to reach traditional web and social users in agriculture.

To learn more about Agoverse and to sign up as a vendor visit

“Cultivating trust and transparency in the agricultural industry is crucial for its growth and sustainability. Agoverse’s Web3 blockchain technology provides a tamper-proof platform that ensures the integrity of all transactions and communications between farmers, manufacturers, and retailers. With our innovative solutions, we are revolutionizing the agricultural industry and driving its progress into the digital age.” – CTO Preska Thomas

“We are thrilled to be making a positive, forward-thinking impact in an industry full of excitement and growth. Without a doubt, Agoverse will be a household name for those in agriculture, and we are aiming to put the ” – Matthew Candelaria / CEO

“Everyone eats, everyone is touched by agriculture. Therefore, companies and consumers deserve direct contact with each other for information, goods and services. That time has arrived. Agoverse provides just that.” – Bryan Candelaria / President

“We see the benefits of forward thinking technology and innovation in the agriculture industry. Agoverse is the perfect next step in the evolution of agriculture weaving with Web3 Innovation, and we can’t wait to see how quickly our offerings spread within Indiana and beyond.” – Kevin D Finn / President, Business Operations Indiana

“We facilitate e-commerce, B2B and B2C platforms that allow businesses and brands to sell directly to consumers the likes of which have never been done before”. – Christine Van Allen / Treasurer

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