Maircle F1 wet dry cordless smart floor vacuum cleaner

The Maircle F1 wet dry vacuum cleaner replaces the need for a multi-step clean and is more effective at cleaning hard floors than a typical mop, vacuum, and broom combined.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Chicago, Illinois May 22, 2023 ( – Maircle, a leading manufacturer of home cleaning solutions, has announced the launch of its latest product, the F1 wet and dry vacuum cleaner. This powerful and versatile 3-in-1 vacuum mop revolutionizes the way we clean by combining the functionalities of vacuuming, mopping, and self-cleaning into a single device, effortlessly tackling both wet and dry messes.

The Maircle F1 vacuum mop is meticulously designed to provide an exceptional cleaning experience, particularly on hard floors. Offering an advanced alternative to traditional mops and vacuums, this remarkable appliance stands out by performing both tasks simultaneously while boasting the added convenience of self-cleaning. With an impressive 16KPa of suction power, it effortlessly eliminates dirt, pet hair, spills, and splatters, while continuously washing floors with a soft roller brush and a steady stream of clean water.

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Among its notable features, the Maircle F1 wet dry vacuum cleaner showcases an enhanced edge cleaning design, enabling effortless cleaning along cabinets and walls without the need for cumbersome maneuvers or bending down to reach difficult areas with a microfiber cloth.

For those seeking a hands-free cleaning experience, the Maircle F1 vacuum mop offers a self-cleaning function that is truly exceptional. Simply press the “Self-cleaning” button, and the machine will essentially flow clean water through its system and finish giving itself a clean rather than requiring you to disassemble the entire unit every time you finish cleaning. The dirty water tank must then be taken apart, cleaned, and the roller removed and placed on the storage base to dry.

Remarkably, the Maircle F1 wet and dry vacuum cleaner presents an unmatched feature that sets it apart from conventional counterparts: Sterilization Mode. This unique functionality generates electrolytic water each time the appliance is used or before self-cleaning, indicated by the illuminating blue light. This groundbreaking feature not only aids in the removal of bacteria but also eliminates the need for additional cleaning agents, resulting in significant cost savings.

In addition to these remarkable features, the Maircle F1 wet and dry vacuum cleaner boasts an array of other convenient and impressive attributes:

* Intelligent design: Equipped with a color LED screen and voice prompts, the appliance allows users to swiftly and continuously monitor its status.
* Convenient design: The cordless functionality grants users the freedom to effortlessly lift the vacuum to any desired area for unrestricted cleaning. Its lightweight and self-propelling nature contribute to a relaxed and effortless cleaning experience.
* Long-lasting design: With an uninterrupted runtime of up to 35 minutes and large capacity tanks, the Maircle F1 enables extended cleaning sessions, covering larger areas without interruption.

The F1 wet and dry vacuum cleaner is now available for purchase on Amazon, providing customers with easy access to this groundbreaking cleaning solution. Maircle remains committed to delivering innovative and superior products that transform the way we maintain our homes.

About Maircle:
Maircle is a leading manufacturer of home cleaning solutions, specializing in cordless vacuums, vacuum mops, and an array of innovative cleaning tools. With a commitment to “No Suction Fades, Just Powerful Suction Lasts”, Maircle is dedicated to making cleaning easier and more efficient for homeowners and cleaning professionals alike.

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