(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Blue Springs, Missouri May 22, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Jaime Gehly’s revolutionary documentary, “Thoughts,” breaks new ground by filming entirely on an iPhone, demonstrating the power of modern technology and creativity in filmmaking. The film dives into the depths of human consciousness and covers an array of fascinating topics such as the law of attraction, savants, the power of water, mind-reading plants, psychedelics, quantum physics, and more.

By exploring these thought-provoking subjects, “Thoughts” seeks to shed light on the immense potential of the human mind and how our thoughts shape our reality. The documentary takes viewers on a captivating journey by featuring interviews with experts, personal stories, and cutting-edge research.

As an independent project, Jaime Gehly and the “Thoughts” team are relying on the support of enthusiasts and contributors to help with production and marketing costs. Your contribution will play a vital role in the film’s journey, enabling it to reach a wider audience and inspire minds across the globe. To show your support and become part of the “Thoughts” story, visit their GoFundMe campaign through the link on their website.

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Join the movement and become a part of this trailblazing documentary that challenges conventional filmmaking while exploring the mysteries of the human mind. Discover the power of the human mind, the capabilities of modern technology, and the fascinating phenomena that lie within our world, all brought together in “Thoughts.”

For more information about the film and to stay updated on its progress, visit the official website at www.thoughtsmovie.com



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