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Neoki, a cutting-edge multimetaverse platform founded by Hamid Azarak, is poised to revolutionize the design industry through its visionary approach to democratization and innovation.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Stockholm, Sweden May 23, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Drawing upon his extensive experience as an entrepreneur and investor in emerging technologies, interior design, architecture, and retail, Azarak recognized the pressing need for a platform that addresses the gaps and inequalities prevalent in the creative space. Determined to create positive change, he embarked on the journey to build Neoki, a transformative platform that empowers designers and artists worldwide. After years of witnessing the limitations and injustices within the design and creative sphere, Azarak was driven by a vision to break down barriers and foster an inclusive ecosystem. The dominance of premium brands and designers, lack of diversity and accessibility, limited engagement with end customers and fans, and a fragmented revenue generation model for artists were significant challenges that inspired Azarak to take action.

Motivated by his passion for advancing the design world, Azarak invested his resources and expertise into building Neoki–a multimetaverse platform that encompasses multiple groundbreaking components. The Neoki platform introduces an open-world metaverse, an NFT marketplace, AI-powered avatars, and a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) featuring plus Niko token, serving as the foundation of a multi-layered economy known as Nikonomy.

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Neoki’s NFT marketplace provides a dynamic space where designers, artists, and creators can showcase and monetize their unique works. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, Neoki enables artists to connect directly with their audience, transcend geographical boundaries, and unlock new revenue streams. The platform embraces inclusivity, allowing emerging talents to gain exposure and recognition alongside established brands and designers.

With AI-powered avatars, Neoki offers users an immersive and personalized experience within the multimetaverse. These digital representations enable individuals to express their identity, engage in virtual interactions, and explore the vibrant Neoki community. By seamlessly blending technology and design, Neoki aims to redefine how people interact and collaborate in the creative realm.

Through the Niko token, Neoki pioneers the concept of Nikonomy–a multi-layered economy designed to provide financial freedom and sustainable incentives and value distribution across the platform.

As Neoki prepares to launch and make its mark on the design landscape, Hamid Azarak and his dedicated team are committed to creating a platform that empowers creators, promotes diversity, and fosters innovation. Neoki’s mission is to democratize the design world, providing equal opportunities and bridging the gap between brands, designers, artists, and their audience.

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About Neoki:
Neoki is a visionary multimetaverse platform founded by entrepreneur Hamid Azarak. With a focus on democratizing the design world, Neoki aims to address the gaps and limitations prevalent in the creative space. By incorporating anopen world metaverse, NFT marketplace, AI-powered avatars, and a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) plus the Niko token, Neoki pioneers a multi-layered economy called Nikonomy. Neoki is dedicated to fostering inclusivity, innovation, and empowerment for designers, brands, and artists worldwide.

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