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Engaging video led content is the most powerful platform to connect with your target audienc

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Ra’anana, Hamerkaz May 30, 2023 ( – Penguin Strategies, a leading marketing agency for B2B tech companies, has announced a strategic partnership with Mind Media, a premier digital media agency specializing in video content. The new alliance is designed to provide comprehensive video strategy and solutions to Penguin’s client roster, enhancing its reach and emotional connection with its target audiences.

Perry Nalevka, CEO of Penguin Strategies commented on the announcement, stating, “Engaging video-led content is the most powerful platform for our clients to create the ultimate emotional experience and connections they seek, to maximize their target audience reach. This offering allows us to provide the very best 360-degree sales and marketing experience to B2B Tech companies.”

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Ari Jason, the CEO of Mind Media, shares this enthusiasm. “We are excited about the synergies this partnership will create, allowing us to merge our expertise in video strategy and creation with Penguin’s deep knowledge of B2B tech marketing. We are looking forward to helping drive growth outcomes in this space.”

In an era of digital transformation and rising online content consumption, this partnership signals a significant strategic shift. It represents a dynamic response to the evolving needs of B2B tech companies who are increasingly seeking innovative ways to distinguish themselves and forge stronger connections with their audience.

Mind Media’s commitment to creating strategy-led video content for brands and communities is a natural complement to Penguin Strategies’ focus on B2B tech marketing. Together, the two agencies offer a holistic, and outcome-led approach that leverages the power of visual storytelling to power B2B tech growth.

The partnership is effective immediately, with combined service offerings now available to all existing and prospective clients. For more information on how Penguin Strategies and Mind Media are revolutionizing B2B tech marketing with video-led content, please contact their respective communication departments.

About Penguin Strategies

Penguin Strategies is a marketing agency specializing in B2B tech companies. With a deep understanding of the tech sector, Penguin offers customized marketing solutions designed to drive growth and enhance brand visibility in a competitive market with offices in the US and Israel with its headquarters in Ra’anana, Israel.

About Mind Media

Mind Media is a digital media agency that provides strategy-led video content to build brands and communities. Their expertise in crafting compelling visual narratives helps brands effectively communicate their message, maximize audience reach, and foster emotional connections with their target audience.  Mind Media is located in Raanana Israel.


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