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Neoki & iDeezign have teamed up in Metaverse to offer an innovative user experience with custom orders and in-store NFT Twins acquisition. Bridging physical and digital realms, this super initiative aims to redefine interactions in the Metaverse.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Stockholm, Sweden Jun 1, 2023 ( – iDeezign, the leading digital design platform in the MENA region, and Neoki, a decentralized open-world multi-Metaverse virtual reality platform, are proud to announce this strategic partnership aimed at transforming the design landscape and fostering innovation in the digital and physical realms.

iDeezign has emerged as a frontrunner in the MENA design scene, connecting designers with design seekers and facilitating seamless online design experiences. With a diverse user base spanning over 50 countries, iDeezign has been at the forefront of empowering talents and expanding its global reach since its inception in 2019. The platform not only provides a hub for design professionals but also offers online courses through its academy to foster continuous learning and growth.

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Neoki, focused on the world of design, is revolutionizing the design industry through its decentralized multi-Metaverse platform. With its immersive virtual reality experience, Neoki democratizes creativity and design, allowing users to build communities and engage in collective decision-making. Neoki’s interconnected Multi-Metaverse seamlessly connects various virtual worlds, enabling users to navigate and transfer assets across different environments. The platform introduces Nikonomy, a multi-layered economy model that empowers users and enables unique branded economies within individual verses.

The partnership between iDeezign and Neoki holds tremendous potential for both platforms’ users and communities. By combining iDeezign’s extensive user base and design expertise with Neoki’s immersive Metaverse technology, the collaboration aims to empower creatives and offer unparalleled opportunities for growth and monetization. The partnership will focus on onboarding iDeezign’s talents onto Neoki’s platform, introducing them to the world of web3, NFTs, and the Metaverse.

Moreover, the collaboration will showcase physical twins of NFTs, manufactured upon order by iDeezign, in Neoki’s NFT & TWIN Marketplace. This unique initiative bridges the gap between the digital and physical worlds, allowing users to experience the tangible representation of their virtual assets. Showroom displays in the GCC region will exhibit these community artists’ physical twins, further enhancing the visibility and reach of their creations.

“We are thrilled to partner with iDeezign on this groundbreaking initiative,” said Hamid Azarak, Founder and CEO of Neoki. “This collaboration represents the perfect blend of the digital and physical worlds, empowering creatives and brands to shine on a global scale. Together, we aim to unleash the full potential of the design industry, fostering innovation, accessibility, and an enhanced user experience within the NFT & TWIN Marketplace.”

“We believe this partnership with Neoki will open new doors for our community of designers,” stated Hassan Algarhy, CEO of iDeezign. “By introducing them to the world of web3 and the Metaverse, we are empowering them to embrace new technologies, tap into a global network of opportunities, and enhance their creative potential. This collaboration marks an exciting milestone in our journey towards revolutionizing the design industry.”

The collaboration between iDeezign and Neoki promises a future of endless possibilities, democratizing design, and revolutionizing the way creatives connect with their audiences. Both platforms are committed to fostering innovation, inclusivity, and economic empowerment within the design ecosystem.

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