In a world where racial issues are widely prevailing in society, Jamell Crouthers takes the initiative to explore it with his latest book ‘I Woke Up A Black Man’.

I Woke Up A Black Man

There will be always some thought-provoking books that can make readers re-think their existence and surrounding and Jamell Crouthers’ latest literary representation is the greatest example of that. Being a versatile author allows Jamell to express his vision in a creative way and that is vastly noticeable in his latest book I Woke Up A Black Man. As controversial as the title sounds, this book explores the aspects of racial discrimination that widely prevails in society. The author has done a wonderful job in writing this book from a different perspective that readers can find very engaging and hard-hitting as well.

Just like the title suggests, the story is written from a white man’s vision, Eric who finds himself waking in a black man’s body one day which is also one of his friends, Warren. While this bizarre incident takes place, the story further shows how bizarre racial concepts can be. Truly magnificent and filled with stirring elements, I Woke Up A Black Man is a great read that readers with every kind of taste can try. Intense, vulgar, emotional, and greatly thought-provoking; this book is Jamell’s one of the best work. It is currently available on B&N, Apple, Kobo, Scribd, and other bookstores.

Jamell Crouthers is a versatile author who started his writing with poetry at the age of 13 only and now he is writing stories that can captivate everyone. His wide use of poetic expressions makes his writing style very engaging and to read and he duly enjoys the fact. His works tackle societal issues that most people fail to address. Find out more about his creative works from his official page. He is also available on Twitter and YouTube and Instagram. Readers can also find his podcast shows and audiobooks available on major platforms. Stay tuned to know more.

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