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Pre-Nicene Christian Ecclesia joins in proclamation of Holy Day to venerate new saint

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Korinthos, Korinthia Jun 11, 2023 ( – After nearly 2,000 years, Marcion of Sinope (85-160 A.D.) has taken his rightful place among the holy luminaries of Pre-Nicene Christianity.

In a ceremony at the Marcionite Church Central Pontiate in Corinth, Greece on June 8th it was announced by Bishop Andrew Theophilus that the beatification and canonization process for Saint Marcion had been finalized and approved. Chancellor A.W. Mitchell acted as a postulator during the beatification process.

“Although best known for compiling the first Christian bible in 144 A.D., it is his steadfast courage derived from the Holy Spirit against powerful forces that allowed him to prevail and show others our Christian God was only revealed to us through Jesus Christ,” (translated from Greek) said Bishop Theophilus. It was also announced that St. Marcion’s life and contributions are to be celebrated on the Holy Day of July 15th, the Ides of July, which reflect the date found in the old Marcionite phrase, “115 years and six and a half months between Christ and Marcion.” This phrase is also quoted by Tertullian. It is the span of time beginning when Jesus descended to earth in the fifteenth year of Tiberius Caesar (29 A.D.) and the compilation of the first Christian bible in 144 A.D.

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Although details of many of his accomplishments and achievements were suppressed and erased by a damnatio memoriae issued by Roman Emperor Constantine shortly after the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D., biblical scholars and theologians recognize Saint Marcion as one of the most important fathers of early Christianity and the formative Pre-Nicene era. 
A painting of St. Marcion was commissioned by the church and unveiled at the ceremony. To learn more visit:

A brief video is also attached to help further understanding of the Pre-Nicene Christian era and additional material is produced by First Bible Network, the digital outreach effort maintained by the church. 


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The Marcionite Christian Church was founded in 144 A.D. and is responsible for compiling the very first Christian bible in that same year.