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The new product for SharePoint users, promising to boost productivity, increase employee engagement and save businesses time and money

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- London, United Kingdom Jun 12, 2023 ( – Silicon Reef, a Microsoft Modern Work Partner, and SharePoint Development Expert, is proud to announce the highly anticipated launch of its new and innovative product, MyTools. This efficient, personalised, and highly intuitive solution is set to boost productivity and increase security through centralising company-approved apps, whilst saving time and money for businesses by supplying one safe place to store all tools relevant to each employee.  

Never more than two clicks away, MyTools guarantees to make it easier to find the tools and links relevant to employees, accessible where they work; in Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Viva Connections, and on mobile. 

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MyTools is the result of extensive research, development, and collaboration with key customers and leaders in their field to solve some of the pain points Enterprise businesses are experiencing; their employees are spending too long trying to find tools and links on the company SharePoint intranet, employee engagement is going down, and there are too many barriers for them to get the job done.   

With its innovative technology and user-centric design, MyTools is the new kid on the block in a well-established market. The product’s personalised features and intuitive design will empower Communications and IT Teams and their users to access business-critical applications and links on their intranets in an instant. 

Key Features and Benefits of MyTools include: 

  • Personalisation: MyTools provides a completely customisable SharePoint experience for every employee, and they can choose the tools that matter to them 
  • Efficiency: Employees are never more than 2 clicks away from their favourite tools, and companies can centrally manage business tools with ease and pin mandatory business apps for universal access 
  • Intuitive: MyTools offers a simple drag-and-drop functionality, employees can favourite or unfavourite tools with a single click and they can find tools with a keyword search or by filtering using categories. 

“We are thrilled to finally be able to introduce MyTools to the market. It represents a significant milestone in our commitment to innovation and delivering exceptional solutions for our customers,” said Alex Graves, CEO of Silicon Reef. “We believe that MyTools will enhance the way Enterprise businesses using SharePoint as their intranet operates, and it will provide them with an enhanced employee experience and increase productivity.” 

MyTools is available through Silicon Reef’s website and soon also through Microsoft AppSource. For more information about MyTools and to stay updated on the latest news and updates, please visit and follow Silicon Reef on LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also watch the MyTools video on their YouTube channel

About Silicon Reef

Silicon Reef is a Microsoft Modern Work Partner focused on empowering people to be connected, productive, and live a life of balance using Microsoft 365 products and services.   

With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Silicon Reef is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that address the needs and challenges of enterprise companies using SharePoint as their intranet.  

They have already released two successful products on the market, Beacon, and Ripple. With a track record of success and a customer-centric approach, Silicon Reef continues to lead the industry with their innovative and forward-thinking products and services. 

Company Boilerplate

Silicon Reef is a Microsoft Modern Work Partner and London-based tech company, launched in 2017. Their mission is to empower people to be connected, productive, and live a life of balance. As Microsoft 365 experts, they know first-hand the pain points businesses experience in enabling a thriving workforce, which is why they created their own suite of products and services to help them.  

All products are built to seamlessly live within SharePoint Intranet and Microsoft Teams. Along with their people-first approach and managed services and support, this has seen them add some of the biggest FTSE 100 companies to their portfolio of clients. Met Office, Asahi, Sega, Unilever, Santen, and Bauer Media Group are just some of the clients they have. 


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