In order to craft a press release that keeps up with the standards and requirements of the market, companies now have the option to hire an effective press release writer.

Hire an Effective Press Release Writer

Press releases to this day remain an indispensable tool for getting the news about a company to reach the intended target audience, be it the announcement of a new product, service, or event, ameliorating the brand image, or expanding public knowledge. When it comes to effective Press Release services, IssueWire, with its impressive repertoire of client success stories has evolved as a pioneer in the field.

With the syndication of over 150 media outlets for clients, the company has formed one of the largest networks to enable clients to get the greatest possible exposure for their work, focusing the news to be featured in Google News, Bing News, Bing, Menafn, The Daily Courier, The Buffalo News, Press-Telegram, StarTribune, Azcentral,, The Chronicle Journal, Daily Herald, among others. The company also provides clients the option to get their news to reach a group of target audiences in a specific location and to those belonging to a specific industry.

Apart from these, the company bears one of the greatest trademarks of an efficient Press Release site: it has for its clients a traditional newsroom where all their content is brought to one place under the categories of News, Events, Press, and Company details, from which journalists and media outlets can browse through and choose the topics they find interesting to be featured in their pages.

IssueWire stands out in its exceptional union of effectiveness and affordability. The company offers its clients four different types of packages: Tier 1, Tier 1 Pro, Tier 2, and Tier 2 Pro, from which they have the discretion to choose the package best suited to their brand. Apart from that, it also offers the first press release to be published for free. For Tier 1, priced at $21, the news gets distributed to 145+ outlets.

For Tier 1 Pro, priced at $42, the press release gets distributed to 195+ affiliates, including sites like NBC, CBS, FOX, and CW. Tier 2, priced at $45, offers distribution to an additional 225 media outlets, Google News, Marketwatch, Financial Network Distribution, Marketmedia Distribution, and Google News Network Distribution, with an extra 9K-15K increased engagement on popular sites.

Tier 2 Pro, priced at $65, offers clients the most premium affiliates, including NBC, CBS, FOX, and CW, along with distribution to over 300 news and media outlets, such as Google News, Marketwatch, Financial Network Distribution, Google News Network Distribution, Barchart Distribution. It also offers a 9K-15K increased impression and engagement on popular sites. Clients who opt for free press release distribution, get a limited distribution of about 35 sites.

While some companies take it upon themselves to write their press releases, novices, and new entrepreneurs might find themselves at their wit’s end when trying to formulate the perfect Press Release for their brand. A press release is only effective when it is at par with the standards of the market and is written in a manner that would make it stand out among the rest. With IssueWire, brands can now hire an effective press release writer, who would do the job for them, as the company hosts a team of expert in-house writers possessing a deep knowledge of the working of different business sectors and are well-versed in the various industrial jargon, thereby crafting a tailor-made press-release based on industry and occasion.

When a press release gets published by IssueWire, the company also aims at expanding the social media presence of the brand and thereby adds social sharing buttons to the articles. After the submission of the press release, it is checked for search engine optimization and features like keywords and meta-tags are added to it, which ensures a higher rank of the press release on the SERP. Alongside all this, IssueWirealso has a dedicated team available for every query of the client 24/7.

About the Company
An expert in the field of press release distribution, IssueWire, with a network of over 150 media outlets offers its clients the most affordable and effective press release services, including SEO and an in-house team of expert writers with a deep knowledge of different industrial sectors to craft the press releases on their behalf.

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