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(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- New York City, New York Jun 13, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Eric North, a well-known internet persona and coach, is inviting everyone to live a happier life under his guidance. Known as The Happiness Warrior, North believes that he has a genetic disposition to set things right, and with that faith, he is motivating people so that they can allow themselves to be happy. Even when people think that nothing can be done, absolutely nothing can reverse their anxiety, coming under North’s guidance can change lives. After two successful entrepreneurial businesses based in Washington, DC that are dedicated to life-changing therapies, now he has found a new passion. His journey as “The Happiness Warrior” has led people to reach beyond their emotional and spiritual lives.

In his new updated outlook, North talks about celebrity culture and how we look after them to lead our lives while trying to achieve the same level of fame. While so many celebrities often come as self-centered, and show-offs, everyone to a certain degree has a gift or quality that makes them special and through Eric’s guidance, people are becoming aware of it. According to North, the most important thing about a human being is his or her mental health, which is why he teaches people to stay judgment free. He says some celebrities give more than get back and behind the scenes are living in their inspiration. They truly know what makes them happy and how they can serve others. While “forging a new path in a changing world”, Eric says if people look close enough and pay attention to the lives of celebrities, their passion is easily seen through their words and actions.

Changing the perception of fame, and especially celebrity culture, even though the public can be harsh as much as we can adore and idolize. One bad move, an emotional reaction, or one regretted word is often enough to sink and destroy their public image. North urges to change people’s outlooks toward fame as people continue to use their fame and actions to bring excitement to their own humble lives while intensifying personal ambitions. But, in this process, society has created a toxic culture where people tend to forget that we are all the same no matter what our station in life.

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In this fast-paced life, people spend hours each week watching their lives explode on television, blogs, and podcasts. They crave each juicy scandal and relentlessly wait for more while searching for meaning in their own lives through their triumphs and tragic falls. So it is easy to forget that perspective is everything and can lose our sense of reality. But in the end, North teaches people that we are all human and everyone shares common insecurities and self-created doubts. So it is time to go easy on the judgment as well as the idolization. North said, “As The Happiness Warrior, I’ve never been one to pay much attention to anyone famous unless they are using their platform to do good in the world and make a difference.” According to him, it is easy to find connection and inspiration when people see someone doing something for the benefit of others, no matter how small and insignificant that is. This is the only way to make the world a better place.

Taking fame to a higher level, Eric North believes that people who are doing good things are always happier and bring society together. As people connected to fame are always risk-takers and able to process rejection, they know that their actions are worth every effort. This is why they are tireless in wanting to add value as they epitomize warrior-hood and courage. If looked closely enough Eric teaches that there is a lot to learn from the lifestyles of celebrities. Many of them have found their passion for philanthropy and used their voice and work hard to build a platform for creating change for good. This is because they have unlocked the knowledge that being happy is only possible when they seek the best for all. It is a proven and scientific fact that people are happier when they are helping others and living in a present-focused mindset; a place where the truth is aligned with the purpose.

This is why, Eric North says it is important to have perspective in fast-paced lives and realize that people are not alone in this rapidly changing world. So even though people are often unappreciative and take others who help change and cope for the better for granted, it is time to change our outlook and learn from the lives of celebrities. These celebrities are committed to the public good and care about the lives of others. This means more opportunity and equity are a happier state where more people can find their hidden powers. So it is human nature to dream of a better life for ourselves and others.

Celebrities live off of their brands so it is not surprising that they like to have their name and brand associated with good causes that resonate with the public. This may come off as self-serving, but the ultimate result is that charity is always right. As they continue to lead the way, it becomes easier for people to engage in philanthropic activities as they have someone they look up to. The covid-19 pandemic has changed a lot of things in the world, and one of those is the outlook Eric North had toward celebrities. He says that he started to look at celebrities in a new light and saw the magic they can create in the lives of others. With the help of this newly developed mindset, Eric realized that everything is possible when we have the self-created ability to believe in our vision to impact the lives and destinies of others. In his mind, fame was more of a casualty of actions. So even though fame separates people from celebrities, it also helps to maintain a balance. It was because of this shift in mindset and consciousness, The Happiness Warrior was born.

Some of the celebrity brands and philanthropic activities that helped North realize the ultimate matter are LeBron James as he is rebuilding communities in action and sponsoring education. Alicia Keys and her support toward the Keep a Child Alive Foundation is incredible as it has been saving children with pediatric AIDs in Africa for 20 years. There is also John Legend whose Show Me Campaign is providing access to high-quality education for underserved communities. Similarly, Matt Damon’s Water.org is providing safe water and sanitation systems to over 3 million people worldwide.

The Happiness Warrior tells that anyone can be more aware and become a celebrity in their own lives. But there are certain guidelines that one must follow and it starts with recognizing that outcomes in our lives are a mirror of our own thoughts and actions. People have to understand that the words they use can impact their happiness and the happiness of others as they never disappear. People also have to learn to trust their inner voice and make their own choices before someone else chooses for them. A “be better every day” approach to life, will bring a nightly affirmation that people did their best that day and that is a way to sleep more soundly and wake up in a state of happiness and purpose. So come under his guidance and bring your own fame to life by visiting: https://www.thehappinesswarrior1.com/.

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