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(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Delhi, India Jun 18, 2023 ( – Indian economy is on a steady boom, and this has fairly increased the need for strict tax compliance and management. This, however, has given rise to tax disputes and litigations. “If you are dealing with tax litigation, it is vital that you understand the tax litigation process and how to deal with it effectively” said Ankit Singh, GST expert at GAROL Advisory.

Understanding tax litigation

The legal process of handling disputes regarding the application, interpretation and enforcement of tax laws is known as tax litigation. GST litigation settlement services are a segment of tax litigation and involve legal disputes regarding GST applications in India.

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Reasons for GST Litigation

There are various GST-related matters like returns, refunds and claims. Many businesses, during the course of these matters, create mishaps, which later get converted into litigations.

Following tax compliance is important and every taxpayer must understand the risks and consequences of failing to do that. Besides risking tax positions and compliances, there are also penalties levied if defaults are found at the time of audits. It is hence, important to seek the help of GST legal services at the earliest to resolve the matter.

Here are some common reasons for GST litigations:

  • Wrong interpretation – GST act is complex and may lead to confusion about applicable GST on different types of transactions. This can lead to GST rate disputes and litigations.
  • Wrong opinion – Many taxpayers consult tax consultants and get an incorrect opinion. This can lead to non-compliance, leading to litigation. Many GST litigation services in Delhi-NCR are experts in this matter and can offer a hassle-free resolution.
  • Return mismatch – There are many cases where the data with tax authorities and actual returns filed do not match. This happens mostly due to misinterpretation of laws or an error in data entry.
  • Amendments in GST – GST laws are also subject to many amendments and many of them may impact transactions that have already been completed. This may lead to litigations and GST rate disputes as the taxpayer may be unaware of the changes.

Steps of GST litigation

The GST litigation process may seem daunting at first but a detailed understanding and support of a GST litigation settlement service can help you navigate it easily. In following manners professionals at GAROL Advisory handles GST litigations & disputes matters:

Audit – The audit and assessment of details submitted at the time of return filing is the first step. It involves an assessment of returns and invoices. The process may also include an on-site inspection to check compliance.

Objection – In the event that the taxpayer does not agree with the audit they can file an objection with tax authorities within 30 days. The objection must be made in writing along with a detailed explanation for the same.

Adjudication – In case the objection is not resolved, the same is referred to the Adjudicating Authority which considers the objection and the response of the tax authority and issues a final ruling in the matter.

Appeal – In a case where the taxpayer is not satisfied with the ruling of Adjudicating Authority, they can further appeal to the Appellate Authority for review. The Authority gives a final ruling on the matter. This ruling can further be appealed to the Appellate Tribunal, followed by the High Court and Supreme Court of India.

A final word

There are a myriad of reasons for GST rate disputes in India and to avoid them, it is important that all taxpayers stay updated on the latest development in the GST Act and seek help from professionals whenever needed. Many professional experts in GST litigation services in Delhi-NCR are experts in the GST legal services and can help you navigate the process in a hassle free manner.

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