The music genius and Nevada Music Producer KingZiLLa comes together with BRO.BLAKE as he dished out the captivating new DUB-FUNK anthem, titled ‘INJECTION’.


Greeting audiences with a fusion of funky rhythms and disco-esque hi-hats, the promising music artist KingZiLLa, in collaboration with BRO.BLAKE, dips his feet deep into the world of DUB-FUNK with his latest release ‘INJECTION’. Inspired by those like Jimi Hendrix, NIN, Run The Jewels, Parliament, and Funkadelic, each of the duo’s songs bring in a fresh wave of energy that drives away all traces of somnolence from the ambiance and instills a contagious groove, sweeping listeners off their feet and into the dancefloor, and the newest release is no different. The catchy hooks instantly draw attention while the insane flow of layers of melody makes their way into the deepest recesses of the psyche, turning into a pleasant earworm that cannot be satiated with a one-time listen.

The song introduces itself with an electrically charged ambiance of distortions, giving way to a rapid outpour of funk and timeless dance qualities with floor-filling late-night energy. The Nevada Music Producer brings about a union of the colorful retro and classic trip-hop elements with the irresistible allure of the vocal lead, breathing new life into the song, and providing a melodic escape amidst the chaos. There is a warmth of familiarity in the track despite the intricately woven musical fabric, which enables the listener to connect with it on a deeper level, and at the same time, the carefully crafted verses render it light and carefree appeal.

The innovative concept with the quirky sound design of ‘INJECTION’ gives the song a well-defined character; living up to the sublime bar set by KingZiLLa with songs like ‘EVERYDAY HUSTLE EVERYDAY PEOPLE’ and ‘MY KALLING’, and it turns out to be a priceless addition to his repertoire. Check out more of his musical creations by logging in the SoundCloud. His songs can also be streamed on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates.

Just go for this track ‘INJECTION’ by KingZiLLa ft.BRO.BLAKE :

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