Organic yet vastly atmospheric, the incredibly skillful North Carolina music band Apollo Craven is impressing fans and critics at the same time with new music.

Apollo Craven

Independent band from North Carolina, Apollo Craven is taking the genre of Indie music to the next level with the new musical releases. The band’s ability to create atmospheres that bring out a special, transcending experience for the audience needs constant appreciation. In his career in the music industry, the gifted North Carolina music band has given various performances where he has shown his talent and caliber of attracting listeners and captivating them with his music. His recent tracks ‘Magick Man’, and ‘Coalition Queen’ have again started quite a wave in the industry. He is extending his reach with every other track in the band’s musical career, but these two tracks have the potential of becoming the most streamed tracks in his discography.

The compositions of both these songs are heavily tilted towards bringing out the beauty of instrumental music, but both the tracks have different vibes. The beautiful and poignant productions on both these tracks prove how vastly talented and versatile the artist is. What makes Apollo Craven so different from his peers in the industry is that he is an independent musician. This means, all the writing, productions, mixing, and arrangements are done by the artist himself, proving his insane skills and caliber. Both the tracks, ‘Magick Man’, and ‘Coalition Queen’ give the listeners perfect indie ambiances to escape to and add a thrill to composition by using gritty and distorted vocals, elevating the compositions to the next level.

The productions of the two tracks also impress not just the fans, but the critics as well with their contemplative moments of depth. The shoegaze overtones throughout the hauntingly beautiful and catchy indie compositions make them perfect tracks to be at a permanent spot in the listeners’ indie playlists. Tracks like ‘Beautiful Girl’, ‘Starseeds’, ‘Sunrise Soliloquy’, ‘High Horse’, ‘Sapphire Blue’, etc. increase the shine of the band’s discography that is available on SoundCloud, and Spotify entirely. You can also follow the band on social media platforms like Facebook, and YouTube to gain more updates.

Visit the below link for listening to all tracks of Apollo Craven on Soundcloud:

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