The renowned Pop music artist from Perth O’Neill Fernandes has released two new songs, ‘Nine Times Out Of Ten’ and ‘Constantly (New Ver.)’, from his album ‘Wired For Sound’.

O'Neill Fernandes

An exceptional talent aiming to make music that brings joy to the lives and a smile to the faces of his listeners, O’Neill Fernandes has come up with two new songs:Nine Times Out Of Ten and Constantly (New Ver.). Both songs are a part of his 43rd Studio Album covering the musical creations of Cliff Richard from the period between 1959 and 2014, Wired For Sound comprising 27 eclectic new tracks. Each track on the album is dexterously crafted to evoke nostalgia and leave a lasting impression in the minds of the listeners while also establishing the creative sublimity and authenticity of the artist.

The song ‘Constantly (New Ver.)’ is the artist’s rendition of the 1964 song by Cliff Richard with music based on ‘L’Edera’, and brings with the magical aura of those golden years while at the same time adding a contemporary appeal that entices a wide range of listeners. The intricate layers of synths weave together a fabric of positive energy and joy, which is the insignia of O’Neill’s musical creations. The song ‘Nine Times Out Of Ten’, on the other hand, is a recreation of the song produced by Cliff Richard in collaboration with the Shadows and was first released by them as a single in September 1960. In his version, the Pop music artist from Perth perfectly captures the essence of the original track while adding a lively new character to it through his insane creative depth.

In each of the two songs, the music virtuoso’s passion for his art seeps through as each beat reverberates deep within the hearts of his audience, compelling them to return time and again. Check out these brilliant new gems, including songs like ‘Outsider (New Ver.)’ and ‘In The Country (New Ver.)’, by O’Neill Fernandes on SoundCloud. Check out his channel on YouTube and follow the artist on Facebook to always remain updated.

Groove with the latest O’Neill Fernandes’s album ‘Wired For Sound’:

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