(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Kansas City, Missouri Aug 3, 2023 ( – ES Power Drink, LLC (”Company”) is pleased to announce that they finished their first round of testing their product on the market. Currently, they are running at 69% retention, which means customers are re-ordering the product. With being on track to be over 80% retention by September 2023, ES Power drink is proving they are going to be something you’re going to want to keep your eye on.                         

The founder of ES Power drink (Chris Clark) We are a private company and we are currently not looking for any new investors at this time. We still have a lot of work to do. The full intention of this press release is to make people aware of our product because we truly believe that we can make a difference in people’s lives. Our partners have tirelessly worked for the last two years to get this far and I am very proud of them all. As any new startup we completely understand the challenges and we do realize eventually we will have to go public to bring this amazing product to the whole world. We already have our stock symbol picked out (ESPD).

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The world’s first endorphin power drink made from one of the hottest peppers in the world, being the first of its kind allowing customers to get all the benefits by consuming (Capsaicin) with no regret. With a delivery method of (Just shut up & drink it, you’ll love the tingle)                       

Forward-Looking Statements are contained in this press release within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements are based on the ES Power Drink LLC, (the “Company”) expected current beliefs about the Company’s business, which are subject to uncertainty and change. The operations and results of the Company could materially differ from what is expressed or implied by the statements made above when industry, regulatory, market, and competitive circumstances change. The Company is under no obligation to update or alter its forward-looking statements as future circumstances, events and information may change.

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