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(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Dallas, Texas Aug 5, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – It is not unusual that organizations are hamstrung by traditional approaches, and outdated concepts representing one of several layers of mission minefields. Church organizations are patently traditional and overhead-burdened, making startup (church-plants), highly likely to fail, and too many ‘established’ churches represent a fledgling existence. 

But one Church stands in bright contrast, shedding nearly all of the mission-barriers of organizations in-general and churches in-particular. Amazing Things The Church (legacy Advent II and A3CEES) is celebrating thirty years this month (August 2023) with a vision to reach a billion by the end of 2024. It’s an other-dimensional goal rarely if ever mentioned among singular church organizations. But possible given the vision, ability and leadership of Dr Steven DavidSon. Who explains how such a marvelous quest is possible:

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“It’s the MO (Mode of Operating) of Amazing Things The Church. The number-one question I’m asked is, ‘how did you come-up with the concept of Church-ministry?’ Keeping it simple, I explain it as ‘Three, Two, One;’ Three: Incredible leading-edge thinkers who invested in me. Two: Academic preparation and a wide-range of formal development and experience both secular and religious…with an eye on technological delivery. One: Most important, I’ve had little to do with all that has happened, and I know it. I’ve benefitted greatly from parental Christian development. I’ve been endowed with ‘giftedness’ to lift nearly any work that I place my hands on and heart ‘onto.’ What this ministry is doing is by divine appointment in my view. No question ‘Three, Two, One and more all combine to do what people all over the world are witnessing. And yet it has not been simple or simplistic.”

DavidSon reflects on an initial experience thirty years ago operating as a stand-alone ministry and resource for churches.

“When we began, we contacted nearly ten-thousand churches telephonically and with mailers. What church does not need counseling services? The response was dreadful, less than fraction of a percent. I learned that if Jesus Himself knocked on church-house doors most wouldn’t recognize Him. But as the internet grew, our ministry gained life because we could by-pass church ‘walls’ with access directly to those with the need…It propelled our ministry. and has continued to do so.  Other than desiring to know how to utilize this new world-wide method of delivery, I had no idea how it would all ‘work together’ (Roman’s 8:28) to develop what people all over the world are witnessing in Amazing Things The Church. When you consider that the core demographic we reach and who responds represent the most difficult demographic for brick and mortar churches (80% are forty and under), it is nothing less than remarkable…”

DavidSon also views the Quality Principle of continuous improvement or adaptability as a key.

“Every type of organization or ministry must be adaptable. We continue to have a major emphasis on Christ-based counseling and education to heal and disciple people in the Faith All within the context of the finality of the Age. We began as Advent II (the Second Coming of Christ).  We’ve always maintained our core, only changing our branding to make us more readily recognizable…”

Concerning the campaign to reach a billion with the theme Prepare the Saints Warn the World, Dr DavidSon speaks about resources, capability and Faith.

“We’re reaching the most we’ve ever accomplished at three million a month. Reaching a billion is a challenge   But given our Meta platform for live programming, meme-ministry, and our enterprise of twenty Christ-based websites what we’re attempting to do is no larger than our Faith. And definitely, the ‘reach-a-billion goal is not larger than the One, we place our Faith-in. After-all, He’s the One Who assigned the mission…”

DavidSon’s team is holding an Upper Room experience on September 15-16, 2023 to plan, pray, and prepare for their thirty-first year and beyond. Person’s desiring to know more can use these links: Where and when!  Desire to attend.

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Amazing Things The Church (a Christ-based Ministry)
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