Finding a reliable book promotion site can get daunting sometimes considering the plenty of options. Knowing the top 10 agencies in the market can help to opt for one.

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So, you have finished a book all alone? That’s commendable! Congratulations. However, in this digital age and a highly competitive market, only is writing a book is not enough since you have to promote it as well. Or else, how would you find potential readers who would actually like to buy and read your book?

Instead of taking everything on your shoulder, you can hire a book promotion agency for the task. However, it can be confusing to choose from an array of websites available. In order to offer more ease and convenience for emerging authors, here is a list of the top 10 global promotion sites around the globe.

1. Bookscrit

When it comes to the best book promotion site in the field, Bookscrit takes the lead with its highly effective and affordable services for book promotion. The services include all the benefits of press release distribution, content marketing, and other aspects that allow authors to gain more visibility and brand awareness for their literary creations. Starting from Book Reviews, News Release, and Author PR campaigns, to getting featured on Google News sites; the agency helps to boost sales while gaining more attention from readers around the world. It also provides the perks of social media promotion. Thus, authors can gain more fans and followers along with readers as buyers. And the best part is that everything fits within a budget-friendly cost, empowering emerging and independent authors, regardless of the genre they work in.

2. Freebooksy

If you want to get more readers easily, making your book free is a wise decision. So, if your book is free and has more than 50 pages in length, Freebooksy is the best place for you to promote it. The platform has over 539,000 registered readers for various genres of books such as nonfiction, literary, mystery, romance, fantasy, and the list goes on. The agency helps to create a huge buzz in the market and among the relevant readers which helps to boost sales.

3. Bargain Booksy

Bargain Booksy particularly promotes eBooks that are priced between $0.99-$5.00. Their unique approach to marketing is capable of offering fruitful results within a short duration. Your book just has to have more than 50 pages and it is good to go. There are around 317,000 registered readers on the platform and promoting here can help to gain relevant readers for every genre regardless of its mystery, romance, or fantasy.

4. New in Books

Just like the title suggests, this website promotes books that are trendy or have just been released. If you are going to release a book soon or it has been published within the last 90 days; this platform is specially built for you. The book launch packages offered by this agency include an SEO-optimized Book Recommendation List, placement in weekly new release email, an author interview, and an in-depth report outlining promotional activity, social media promotion, and many other features that makes it a highly reliable and dynamic agency for all kinds of authors.

5. Audio Thicket

Modern-day books have expanded in the mediums of eBooks and audiobooks, and promotion is required in that case as well. So, if you have an audiobook that needs to be promoted in good hands; this website is highly recommended. It is capable of promotion audiobooks that are available on the platforms like Google Play, Audible, Apple, Nook Audiobooks,, and Kobo Audio. The agency targets specific listener audiences, so that you can find the right exposure.

6. BookBub

BookBub is well revered for its email placement that comes with a higher threshold of exposure. Quite naturally, the packages are quite pricy but they are absolutely worth it has millions of subscribers. It offers an incredible amount of organic exposure that helps any author grow effectively. Their editorial standards are also quite high and so, getting featured even once can offer a deep impact. This agency can help you to get on the best-selling list.

7. Red Feather Romance

A lot of readers have a knack for romantic stories only and this website is well aware of that. Just like the name suggests, this agency promotes only romantic books and novels. So, if you are writing books in romance, this is the right place for you. The platform promotes both free and priced eBooks as well as audiobooks. Their highly curated email list and social media outlets can help to boost sales drastically.

8. Robin Reads

This website especially promotes books that are free or cost within $0.99 but in full length. It has a special subscriber base of around 190,000 who signed up to get low-cost books. The agency also has a daily newsletter that offers daily deals and there is a high rate of reader consumption. Keep in mind that this agency cannot promote books that are listed within the last 90 days. So, make sure to double-check before you proceed.

9. The Fussy Librarian

Is it a bargain? Or is it a free eBook? Well, The Fussy Librarian can handle both. The agency strongly suggests that the book must be priced at $0.99 or $2.99 for a bargain promotion. Although the agency can help every author to grow, there is only one limitation to such deals is that the book must be listed below $5.99. The agency is well revered for its bargain deals and free newsletters that help to proceed with effective book promotion.

10. BookRaid

Whether it is a freebie or deal book, BookRaid can promote any book that is listed on Amazon, Apple, Nook, Kobo, or Google Play. The agency charges in a unique pay-per-click way instead of a flat fee for the services. As a result, you will be paying for only the clicks that your book earns from the newsletter. To keep the service budget oriented, there is a maximum spend of $60 only. The website has over 30,000 active subscribers.

Bottom Line

As an author, it can get quite daunting to write books with consistency and also to keep an eye on marketing and promotion. Therefore, hiring an agency is also effective to proceed with your creations.

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