Victory for Zebra Techies Solution As Police Nabbed Job Racket

Collaboration between cyber criminals, CAs, bank employees, and advocates exploited innocent victims seeking employment and financial stability.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- kolkata, West bengal Aug 8, 2023 ( – In a significant breakthrough, the cyber crime police have successfully apprehended a group involved in an elaborate fake job racket that targeted job-seekers seeking remote work opportunities. The criminals operated under the guise of well-established organizations, and their criminal activities have been exposed and brought to justice.

The intricate operation came to light when several organizations, including Zebra Techies Solution, lodged complaints with the Cyber Crime Police Station in different parts of the country after discovering their brand names being misused to deceive unsuspecting job-seekers. The criminals posed as Human Resource representatives of reputable companies, enticing innocent individuals with enticing Work-From-Home offers.

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The syndicate operated with precision and collaboration from Chartered Accountants, bank employees, and advocates, who lent their expertise in creating an aura of legitimacy, duping victims into believing they were dealing with genuine job opportunities.

Once the victims showed interest, they were coerced into paying various fees, falsely labeled as processing charges or training costs, as prerequisites for commencing the supposed job. Eager to secure employment and financial stability, the victims complied, only to discover later that they had been ensnared in a deceptive racket.

“The moment we realized that our organization’s name was being exploited in this deceitful scheme, we promptly filed a police complaint at the Cyber Crime Police Station, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, on March 27, 2023 Part IV No. 34,” stated Mr. Anirban Das, CEO of Zebra Techies Solution. “Today, we are overjoyed by the successful busting of this racket, bringing relief to the victims and safeguarding the reputation of organizations like ours.”

Mr. Das also emphasized the importance of remaining vigilant in an increasingly digital world, as the fake job racket serves as a stark reminder of the potential threats lurking online.

The collaboration between cybercriminals, CAs, bank employees, and advocates in exploiting innocent job-seekers has raised concerns among authorities, urging individuals to exercise caution while exploring job opportunities online and verifying the authenticity of offers before making any financial commitments. The swift action by the police has provided hope for the victims and sent a strong message to those engaged in such dishonest and criminal activities that justice will prevail.

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