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(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- New York City, New York Aug 14, 2023 ( – “Lights of Fire,” a meticulously researched and captivating account of the Dyatlov incident in 1950s Russia, delves into the heart of this enduring mystery. This remarkable work, skillfully penned by Jack Randle, combines a compelling narrative with a visually stunning screenplay, promising readers and enthusiasts an immersive experience like no other.

The Dyatlov incident, a tragic event that transpired in the remote Ural Mountains, has baffled investigators and inspired countless theories over the years. The mysterious deaths of nine hikers have ignited imaginations, prompting numerous attempts to unravel the secrets concealed by that chilling winter night. “Lights of Fire” presents an in-depth exploration of this infamous incident, drawing upon extensive research and a keen eye for detail to shed new light on the events that transpired. This well-written book also has a live depiction through a screenplay which the date of such is to be released soon for the public to consider.

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Jack Randle was raised by a Christian Family which made him a believer in the Creator’s Word and that mysteries happen but through time, the truth will unveil itself.

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