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Choose Dedicated and VPS Server with IP based at United Kingdom, London at very cheap cost with Linux OS or Linux distribution like Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Delhi, India Aug 18, 2023 ( – Linux is one of the world’s most beloved server operating systems, powering many network devices such as routers and firewalls. Furthermore, it enables software-defined networking (SDN), cloud networking, and configuration management capabilities.

TheServerHost UK Dedicated VPS server with Linux distribution provides long-term support, with plenty of documentation and tutorials, that enables customization while offering multiple support resources on the web.

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Debian Linux distribution is one of the oldest available. It is stable, and reliable, and provides access to a comprehensive selection of software packages as well as a public bug tracker for developers. Furthermore, Debian supports multiple architectures and devices and boasts an expansive community – plus, it is free for use.

Debian has long been popular among hardware platforms due to its long history of supporting them and its stability, quality control, and diverse software packages – making it a top pick for dedicated servers. Furthermore, Debian boasts a large community of programmers as it includes an impressive set of developer tools.

Debian stands out from Windows with its open-source kernel that makes use of powerful applications like web servers, email servers, and database servers to run various types of software applications such as websites and databases; custom apps for desktops or embedded systems can also be developed on Debian using this powerful framework.

Linux was designed to provide an efficient and secure platform for hosting web servers. To meet this goal, it implements various security measures and features including strong cryptography policies, an open-source development model, and a network of maintainers who offer their expertise in support of projects such as Linux. Together these make up an exemplary operating system suitable for running web servers.

Linux is an adaptable operating system with the flexibility to meet the unique requirements of each application. Backed by an extensive community of developers, it is frequently employed in enterprise-grade app development projects. Linux also boasts other benefits including saving disk space by only installing essential packages and working with various languages and frameworks.


Ubuntu is an easy and comprehensive Linux distribution with many advantages for server hosting, designed to be user-friendly for non-administrators or programmers alike. Its intuitive GUI makes managing software and hardware straightforward; plus its free download also includes multimedia and productivity applications like Plex. Ubuntu runs on multiple architectures x86-64, ARMv7, and ARM64 servers; making it suitable for use across a spectrum of servers.

Ubuntu, like other Debian derivatives, features the Debian package manager and.deb file format; however, Ubuntu differs in that it offers a graphical desktop environment which makes it ideal for daily computer tasks such as web browsing and video playback. As a result of its flexibility, it has become popular for both business use as well as home desktop computers.

Ubuntu stands out with its security features, such as its secure kernel and comprehensive selection of security tools. Its layered security model provides additional protection against malware, viruses, and other threats; additionally, its developer community can work towards improving its functionality to further increase security.

Ubuntu server supports an array of services, from popular web servers and relational databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB to popular email services like Postman. It has been rigorously tested to offer maximum performance and reliability as well as being highly scalable – perfect for smaller businesses as well as larger enterprises alike.

Ubuntu comes equipped with support for virtualization technologies like vCenter and ESXi, making it an ideal option for cloud computing. Furthermore, its server offers multilingual support as well as extensive customization. Furthermore, email, file storage, and web hosting applications can all be found here.

Ubuntu server hosting is an ideal choice due to its large community and wide range of features, cost-efficiency, regular updates, and ease of installation across many hardware platforms. It is an ideal solution for small to mid-sized businesses needing reliable yet scalable server solutions.


CentOS is one of the most widely-used Linux distributions for server hosting, being a fork of Red Hat Enterprise Linux that’s reliable and compatible with many hosting control panels. Plus, its large community provides support for it – making CentOS an excellent option for mission-critical servers in businesses that rely heavily on uptime for operations. In addition, its support of multiple hardware types makes CentOS suitable for both physical and virtual server environments.

CentOS stands out as an attractive server OS due to its flexibility. With numerous tools that enable you to customize the configuration and remove unnecessary services, as well as its simple installation process that anyone can understand, CentOS offers high levels of personalization while being secure enough for compatibility with many applications.

CentOS stands apart from Ubuntu as an extremely stable operating system, offering an abundant set of tools for developers and sysadmins alike. Furthermore, its cost-effective hardware requirements enable it to become an economical hosting option. Furthermore, its long release cycle and compatibility with most Linux software make CentOS an excellent option.

CentOS stands out from its counterpart RHEL by using an updated and thoroughly tested copy as its upstream source, meaning its code can be constantly improved by both communities, which ensures stability and security as well as being capable of handling large volumes of data. Furthermore, there is a selection of software packages that can be added directly onto the base and updated via AppImages/Flatpacks which allow the user to easily update software without breaking their system.

Red Hat

Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of open-source enterprise IT solutions and is trusted by 90% of Fortune 500 companies. RHEL provides an operating system that is secure, reliable, and flexible – perfect for hybrid cloud deployment. Customers using RHEL can accelerate business transformation while mitigating IT risk quickly and taking advantage of open-source alternatives to reduce costs by taking advantage of RHEL.

Software from this company is distributed under the GNU General Public License, enabling anyone to study it and modify it freely compared with more restrictive licenses such as Windows that prohibit modifications.

Red Hat provides more than its standard operating system: Red Hat provides developers with several tools designed to assist with app deployment, such as Linux Containers which provide lightweight yet secure environments in which applications may be run. Red Hat also includes tools that automate installation processes to make IT environments simpler for businesses to deploy and scale.

Red Hat Operating Systems are used by numerous large enterprises worldwide, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Their use is supported by an active community that develops new technologies and provides support. Red Hat takes these features developed by its community and incorporates them into its products for maximum value at minimal costs.

Red Hat is an industry leader in enterprise IT infrastructure management and supports numerous hardware platforms from x86 to ARM to POWER. Their product suite includes Virtualization Management, the Red Hat Satellite Server for IT infrastructure monitoring, and the OpenShift platform which has taken off recently thanks to the container revolution.

TheServerHost – UK Dedicated and VPS Server Hosting Provider

UK Dedicated servers offer greater reliability for websites with high visitor numbers, with adequate bandwidth capacity to process large volumes of data and many software apps already preinstalled on them.

UK Dedicated Servers

TheServerHost offers clients dedicated servers with unlimited bandwidth and disk space, giving them the power to efficiently handle high-traffic websites. Furthermore, these servers feature software applications designed to enhance site performance as well as technical support that’s available 24×7. A good dedicated server can increase visitors while decreasing downtime – improving search engine optimization (SEO) while increasing sales; also it can protect against hacker attacks while minimising hardware failure downtimes; additionally it should offer backup plans as a safeguard against data loss.

UK dedicated server is an efficient and cost-effective choice for high-traffic websites and ecommerce stores that need additional power than shared web hosting can provide. In addition, dedicated hosting offers greater reliability – ideal for mission-critical sites that must remain live at all times – better security features, and can accommodate a wider variety of file types (including media files). Furthermore, dedicated hosting lowers hardware costs by eliminating IT staff management of servers.

TheServerHost dedicated servers are located in top-tier data centers and come equipped with features to maximize performance for businesses, such as backup power generators and multiple high-speed network interfaces. Their RAID 10 SSDs read data 10x faster than traditional hard drives for increased speed and reliability; additionally, these servers come fully managed and backed by a money-back guarantee; clients also have the freedom to configure these servers according to either Linux or Windows environments – giving clients more choice in selecting appropriate hardware solutions.

UK VPS Servers

TheServerHost UK VPS server hosting solutions are ideal for websites with heavy traffic that experience disruption, or those that require higher bandwidth than shared plans can offer. Their state-of-the-art servers can withstand an increase in site visitor volume without disrupting performance; their simple graphical control panel makes monitoring performance easy while increasing bandwidth utilization; they even offer software programs to help clients increase search engine rankings and attract more visitors to their sites.

Unmetered bandwidth can help increase website traffic and performance without incurring extra costs. TheServerHost offers several plans with high storage and unlimited bandwidth suitable for individual needs, featuring an intuitive graphical control panel to easily monitor site performance and make necessary modifications as necessary. Their team of technical experts is available via Skype, telephone, or email for support and advice to ensure websites run at optimal speed and performance.

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