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“of Tipi Eyes, 1975 a story of Annie Mae & John Graham” (Wild Embers Press, 2023). Recently recorded from a South Dakota State Penitentiary jail cell of John Graham. What lead to her death, and his fate? Graham tells his “version of the story”.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Aug 23, 2023 ( – A TRUE STORY about the early days of the American Indian Movement (AIM) of Tipi Eyes, 1975  is a collection of narratives from First Nation’s man, John Graham about his friendship with Anna Mae Aquash, M’ik M’aq (1945-1975/6). 1970’s activists in AIM, first met in Minneapolis, in the early Spring of 1975, at the Red School House. He was 19, she was 30. A year later, Annie Mae was found dead in the Badlands. And John Graham was not surprised. The FBI had her on their “wanted list”. This is his version of what happened to them both. 

Graham is serving life no parole, found guilty of “felony murder (kidnapping)” in connection to her death. He has always claimed innocence and never took the stand at his trial. Here, Graham’s version of the story is finally heard. Recorded and transcribed by Wild Embers Press from John Graham’s prison cell, at his request. This book is dedicated to Annie Mae Aquash.

“Annie Mae, you know.

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We were together.

Whatever she wanted, I did for her.”

-John Graham, 2023 from of Tipi Eyes, 1975

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PARTIAL PROCEEDS of SALES of this book go to various First Nation people/organizations chosen by John Graham, biannually. 
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