Balaclava foresees a future in Germany where protest groups take control

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Hamburg, Germany Aug 24, 2023 ( – Climate change. Water shortages. Economic inequality. Limited opportunity. Politicians who only care about the 1%. People are angry and the world is on edge. Millions are ready to fight for the change they want. All they need is a leader.

Balaclava, the new thriller from award-winning Australian writer Campbell Jefferys, goes inside the protest scene like no other book ever has. It foresees a time when the youth in Germany rose against an oppressive society. The best hope they see for the future is to follow the charismatic young politician Vilem Kollar on his quest to take control of the country – at any cost.

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It starts with the death of a policeman at a demonstration in Hamburg, which results in new battle lines being drawn in Germany, as protests become increasingly violent: with government officials and law enforcement on one side and disparate groups of angry protesters on the other. Former police officer Mara Steinbach goes undercover in the protest scene to find her brother, wanted for the police murder, but gets caught up in a burgeoning revolution, led by the mysterious Modra organisation that is trying to unite protest groups into one force. Will the revolution succeed? Which side is Mara on?

Set in Germany and Europe at a time of significant unrest and with an uncertain future, Balaclava is the first book in a trilogy that will track the rise to power of Vilem Kollar and the devastating consequences that follow.

Balaclava will be available from 31 August, 2023, via the global distribution platforms Amazon and Ingram. It will also be available as an e-book for Amazon Kindle. The German translation (print and e-book) will be released in April next year.

The author of seven novels and a non-fiction collection of travel stories, Campbell Jefferys has twice won the Fiction category of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. One of his short stories, Mikelis, was made into a short film starring James Cosmo. He is also a content creator for some of the world’s leading brands and has written for newspapers and magazines around the world.

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