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Cuts Bone Broth Cooking Time by 75%

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Boston, Massachusetts Aug 25, 2023 ( – At Miriam’s Earthen Cookware, the fusion of timeless traditions and the enduring qualities of clay has always been close to our hearts. It’s a lovely reminder of how ancestral wisdom can seamlessly intertwine with modern needs. One of the delightful features of their clay cookware is its ability to prepare bone broth in just a fraction of the usual time. And the best part? Every sip retains the rich nourishment and warmth, just as nature intended.

In today’s fast-paced world, taking the time to simmer a pot of bone broth for hours might feel like a luxury few can afford. But Miriam’s offers a solution that taps into the age-old practices our ancestors cherished. By harnessing the unique properties of pure clay, our cookware creates an environment that naturally speeds up the bone broth cooking process . This means you can enjoy your favorite broth in a fraction of the time, without compromising on its depth of flavor or nutritional integrity.

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How does Miriam’s pots cook bone broth so much faster?
The difference is in the type of heat cooking your food; in this case, it’s the pure earth’s unique “far-infrared heat“. This type of heat penetrates deep into the ingredients and cooks them from the inside out, drastically cutting down the cooking time, yet bringing out all the nutrients, collagen, and minerals without compromise. In fact, Sally, an avid bone broth maker in Miriam’s testifies how the broth is much more gelatinous in these pots which are a true gift of nature.

Other unique features of these pots:

The other thing that makes Miriam’s cookware stand out is its beautiful simplicity. Crafted from nature’s finest clay, each pot is an ode to Earth’s brilliance. This purity not only ensures a non-toxic cooking environment but also enhances the inherent properties of the clay. The result? A natural pressure-cooking method that retains the essence of the ingredients and shortens the cooking time.

Miriam’s understands the needs of today’s home chefs. While the desire for wholesome, homemade meals is ever-present, time constraints often get in the way. That’s where our cookware comes to the rescue. With a 75% reduction in cooking time, our pots are a testament to the fact that modern conveniences and ancestral wisdom can, indeed, go hand in hand.

“The best cookware I have ever used. Food cooks faster and tastes better. I am changing all my pots and pans to Miriam Earthen Cookware.”

says Sonya Behnia from California

Join The Culinary Revolution

Embracing Miriam’s Earthen Cookware is like embarking on a journey — one that honors the past celebrates the present, and looks forward to a healthier future. Miriam’s invites you to experience the joy of cooking with clay, where every dish tells a story, and every meal brings us closer to nature’s heart.


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