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AgriEID announces update to industry leading NLIS livestock management system delivering an integrated, cost effective solution to SME farmers with advanced Artificial Intelligence.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Sydney, New South Wales Aug 28, 2023 ( – AgriEID, the forefront innovator in livestock management solutions in Australia, is thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking technology breakthrough in the livestock management sector. The leader in this field with more than 5,000 digital livestock management customers, AgriEID, is introducing a big upgrade to its digital farm system. This revolutionary package seamlessly integrates its premium NLIS tags, Intelligent NLIS Tag Readers, proprietary livestock management software suite, and next-gen cattle scales, delivering a powerful digital solution at a breakthrough price point for Australian farmers at under $2500 for a turn-key livestock management solution with powerful artificial intelligence.

Central to the suite’s architecture is high-performance NLIS tags, delivering the gold standard in longevity and dependability. With improved attach rates with an extended operational life, these tags furnish the ideal answer for farmers seeking to streamline and simplify herd identification processes.

In concert with the sophisticated electronic ID tag performance, AgriEID’s intelligent NLIS Tag Reader, is a game-changing device offering unparalleled speed, distance, and precision in NLIS tag scanning and reading. Seamlessly integrated with AgriEID’s comprehensive livestock management software, the reader’s capabilities encompass instantaneous retrieval of individual animal profiles upon scanning an animal’s NLIS tag, fundamentally revolutionising livestock management.

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The intelligent NLIS Tag Reader is a key part of the integrated system where hardware and software work together seamlessly for operational coherence and effectiveness. The proprietary AgriEID software autonomously calculates individual and group average daily weight gain. This data-centric approach delivers farmers with exhaustive insights, furnishing them with the capability to amplify overall herd performance and, ultimately, elevate farm profitability.

Complementing this groundbreaking software launch is the release of AgriEID’s next-generation cattle scales, bolstered by superior load cells for heightened precision. In tandem with the AgriEID livestock management software, these livestock scales extend the potential to offer meticulously precise average weight readings and calculations, thereby fortifying the suite’s efficacy.

“Our comprehensive livestock management suite is more than a mere collection of tools. It’s a paradigm shift in livestock management. The convergence of premium NLIS tags, the intelligent NLIS Tag Reader, proprietary software, and next-gen cattle scales delivers an unparalleled, holistic solution to livestock farmers of all sizes, thereby augmenting efficiency and productivity,” asserted AgriEID’s CEO.

The seamless binding together of these potent tools within AgriEID’s suite resonates with the company’s mission to propel innovation deep into the sector, providing a synthesis of proprietary integrated technology and pragmatic farming acumen. AgriEID’s vision is anchored in furnishing all small to medium-sized farmers with the same degree of efficiency and data management previously limited to larger-scale operations.

“Via our comprehensive livestock management suite, we have now delivered a major leap forward in technology, democratising livestock management technology within the SME sector,” appended the CEO. “We remain unwaveringly dedicated to delivering superlative, cost-effective solutions that actualize genuine digital transformation within the industry.”

Encompassing this suite is a medley of meticulously devised, precisely engineered tools designed to optimize farm processes. Premium NLIS tags fortified for durability and clarity, elucidate the monitoring and administration of livestock. Their sturdiness underscores that farmers needn’t be concerned about tag malfunctions or replacements, empowering them to channel their focus towards pivotal tasks that intrinsically influence their financial bottom line.

The intelligent NLIS Tag Reader is the culmination of unparalleled hardware technology and software engineering, ushering in speed, accuracy, and efficiency to a device at the core of our livestock management solution. Its powerful antenna, expedited reading processor, and seamless Bluetooth connectivity with AgriEID’s exclusive software suite meld to create an indispensable tool that impeccably aligns with the requisites of contemporary farmers.

AgriEID’s new release software, conceived with usability and efficiency as its cornerstone, redefines the management of livestock data. It’s capacity to compute individual and group average daily weight gain, paired with a user-centric interface, equips farmers with a tool that not only simplifies data compilation but also offers lucidity to this information. This sophisticated cattle management software platform, combined with the hardware solutions inherent in the AgriEID repertoire, metamorphoses raw data into actionable insights, empowering farmers to execute informed decisions that optimize their operations and economic viability.

The rollout of AgriEID’s next-generation cattle scales marks yet another pivotal juncture within the suite’s arsenal. These scales encompass amplified precision and robustness, assuring that weight measurements remain precise and dependable. These revamped scales equip farmers with an invaluable resource to monitor livestock weight, an indispensable barometer of health and productivity. The incorporated software can then dissect these weights to offer intelligence on herd performance.

The constituents of this comprehensive suite are emblematic of a broader vision at AgriEID, one that perceives advanced technology as a conduit for amplifying farming operations, regardless of size. The newly released suite stands as a tangible manifestation of this vision, amalgamating the finest of technology and pragmatism to deliver a holistic resolution that amplifies efficiency, galvanizes productivity, and ultimately, maximizes profitability.

By democratizing access to this holistic suite at an unparalleled price point, AgriEID is rendering advanced farming tools accessible, ensuring that smaller and medium-sized farmers can harness technology’s might akin to their larger peers. It’s an undertaking that echoes the company’s ethos – a commitment to furnish exceptional, digital solutions that revolutionize livestock farming operations.

“We ardently trust in our technology’s potency to drive massive change within the livestock farming sector,” appended the CEO. “Via this comprehensive suite, we are not only manufacturing best-in-class tools; we are delivering a transformational platform. We are providing farmers with simple-to-use, integrated technology to optimize their operations, maximize their financial gains, and safeguard a sustainable future for the land entrusted to their care.”

AgriEID’s comprehensive livestock management suite is more than just a product; it represents a pledge to the farming community, a commitment to catalyze change, elevate productivity, and shape the future of agriculture.

About AgriEID:

Over 5,000 livestock producers use AgriEID market-leading integrated NLIS hardware and software technology with customers located around the world in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the European Union. AgriEID makes it easy and inexpensive for livestock farmers to collect and understand their animals’ important data metrics and make smart educated decisions so their farms can grow and flourish. AgriEID is the fastest-growing cloud and mobile software company in this sector with an exponential growth rate since its launch. AgriEID enables farmers and ranchers to confidently build their dreams, grow to provide more jobs and support their community, share their values without fear, stop struggling and start growing, and compete with the massive industrial farming corporations.

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