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(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Aberdeen, Washington Sep 19, 2023 ( – Saudi is making it simpler than ever for travelers to make a visit through an expansion of the eVisa application process. New instant eVisa options will facilitate US visa holders as well as permanent citizens of the US to obtain tourist eVisas to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi has formerly extended regulations to offer visas on the introduction of numerous categories. However, this has been considered the latest step as the country makes it easier than ever for visitors to encounter the authentic home of Saudi Arabia.

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Since opening to tourism in 2019, the destination is gradually appearing as one of the fastest growing tourism centers globally, with a record of around 93.5 million visits last year. This achievement is a fruit of the immense efforts of destinations across Saudi in providing visitants with unparalleled experiences and an ideal and seamless journey.

Additionally, the Saudi Tourism Authority is expediting efforts to make it simpler for visitors across the globe to travel to this tourist-friendly destination. Through digitization, Saudi is enhancing accessibility and connectivity, catering simplified entry routes to visitors, focused on permitting travelers to experience and enjoy the natural and cultural diversity of the country.

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