HWPL Protocol Vehichle Volunteers Ready to Host VIPs who Attends the HWPL World Peace Summit

International Event Success Powered by Dedicated Volunteer Teams Ranging from Airport Guides, Drivers, Interpreters, Media, Medical, Security, and Installation

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Chicago, Illinois Sep 23, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – In a monumental display of unity and commitment, South Korea played host to a grand-scale peace event that unfolded from September 18 to 20. Operating with remarkable stability and garnering immense satisfaction from participants, this event, centered around the theme “Implementation of Multidimensional Strategies for Institutional Peace,” was orchestrated by Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL). Bolstered by the tireless dedication of 2,000 volunteers, this global peace gathering saw the convergence of over 800 leaders hailing from 121 countries, representing an array of sectors ranging from politics, education, youth, women, and media, to religion.

At the heart of this extraordinary occasion was the unwavering commitment of the Airport Team, a group of volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure the seamless arrival and departure of participants. Their responsibilities encompassed the issuance of visas, ticketing, participant safety, and adeptly managing unforeseen flight disruptions. In their relentless pursuit of safety and order, these volunteers left no stone unturned, ensuring a smooth airport experience for all involved.

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Another pivotal group of volunteers, the HWPL Convoy Team’s skilled drivers, conducted meticulous vehicle inspections to guarantee participants’ comfort and safety. Their professionalism and unwavering dedication left a profound impact on all who encountered their services. Impressively, the total distance covered by volunteer drivers during the event tallied approximately 800,000 kilometers, equivalent to traveling around the globe 20 times.

Volunteer interpreters played an indispensable role in facilitating communication during the summit’s sessions. Their dedication to bridging language barriers ensured a meaningful and productive experience for all attendees. One volunteer interpreter remarked, “All of the 800 guests participating in over 30 sessions require interpretation. All materials have to be translated into over 20 languages. Not only private organizations but also most national forums do not operate on such a large scale. Our HWPL interpretation and translation volunteers are carrying out this entire process.”

The broadcast media team, consisting of 208 volunteers, worked tirelessly to capture and convey the summit’s essence to a global audience. One volunteer emphasized, “I believe that our videos serve as a powerful tool for spreading a culture of peace, making this event accessible to people around the world in various languages.”

In the medical department, a comprehensive range of emergency medicines, from simple digestive aids to more complex treatments, was prepared for the event. The medical team comprised active doctors, oriental medicine doctors, and nurses who volunteered their expertise to contribute to the cause of peace. The team leader of the Medical Department explained, “Because it is an event held by a private organization, many people do not know whether a medical team is prepared.” He also noted that guest-room visits for medical check-ups were conducted.

The Security Department, tasked with ensuring the safety of all attendees, consisted entirely of volunteers–able-bodied men and women who had assembled for the cause of peace. The Deputy General Manager of the Security Department shared, “For the event, about 400 Security Department members received continuous education and training starting in March, including actual simulations.”

Lastly, the installation team played a pivotal role in setting up the critical infrastructure essential for the event’s success. They managed electrical setups, stage installations, and maintenance throughout the event, ensuring a seamless experience for all attendees.

“All of these volunteers, driven by their passion for peace, are working tirelessly to support the peace summit, and their unwavering commitment is truly remarkable. We, at HWPL, would like to express our profound appreciation for their dedication and hope that the government will extend its support to this vital peace movement,” affirmed a representative from HWPL.

HWPL, a South Korea-based international peace NGO with affiliations to the UN ECOSOC and the UN DGC, has tirelessly championed global peace initiatives and the cessation of war since its inception in 2013. South Korea, having recently experienced challenges with the 2023 World Scout Jamboree and received an apology from the government, now stands as a beacon of hope for the peaceful endeavors led by HWPL.

 Established in 2013, HWPL has tirelessly campaigned for world peace and the end of war as an international peace NGO under the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC) and the Office of Public Affairs (DGC).

To view the HWPL World Peace Summit held recently, visit https://www.youtube.com/@HWPL/streams


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