Niche cookbook becomes mainstream success.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Bergen, New Jersey Oct 2, 2023 ( – Recently released wrestling-themed cookbook ‘Eating The Indies’ has already sold hundreds of copies since it’s official release and people are raving about the interesting and unique recipes it offers, including a recipe used by missionaries long lost to the past, until now.

Park Ridge-based creator Steven Bradley credits the success of perhaps the world’s most niche culinary book to the renewed interest in professional wrestling across the world and particularly on the independent scene – “We just had a wrestling event that sold out Wembley Stadium and most of the wrestlers from that show were working on the independent scene even just a few months before.  Eating The Indies is a book that showcases the next generation of stars, in fact, some of the wrestlers featured such as Billie Starkz and Masha Slamovich are already on weekly television shows.”

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The book contains over twenty-five recipes that are all designed around learning through food.  Writer Haley Miller spoke to all of the wrestlers and asked them to select recipes that mean something to them under the understanding that a great way to learn about someone is the food they eat.

Direct from some of the most talented wrestlers in the world there is Russian Plov all the way to ‘Extra Thiccc’Cheesecake and the rave reviews are a testament to the fact that if you love listening or you love food, this book is for you.

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