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When an agency is using their own system and gets the types of results that they are offering their customers, it really is a matter of taking their own (positive) medicine.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Glen Waverley, Victoria Oct 4, 2023 ( – Zon Digital Services is a local online marketing agency that serves Melbourne’s eastern suburb of Glen Waverley. Each and every year the growth that they experience has meant a development in the services they are able to offer and an increase in the results they are able to generate for their clients.

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These progressive steps have not gone unnoticed as their work has now been recognised with multiple awards relating to the online marketing services they provide. Additionally, the business owner Eva Zonnios is a recipient of the ‘2023 Influential Businesswoman Award’, for her innovative work in online marketing in Melbourne’.

Even though Zon Digital Services provides Social Media Marketing, and Video marketing within their list of products and services, their main focus is clearly on creating results through content marketing. Ironically, this creates a catch-22 because, because according to Eva, content marketing does in fact include social media and videos. Eva Zonnios, CEO of Zon Digital Services explains that social media and video services are simply components of the bigger campaign and really should always be included. 

With many business owners choosing which element of marketing they want to concentrate on, Eva explains that separating each element as a stand alone product is the biggest mistake a company can make. 

Eva is fully convinced that an effective online campaign cannot only use one way to present a business, but it must combine a set of actions. Those actions cannot just take place on a single platform with one piece of content.

The more actions that the marketing company can generate the better. So rather than trying to spam an entire platform by overloading it, you can create content for a variety of platforms. That’s how you get those all-important wins that every business-owner desires. 

No-one starts a business with the thought of ‘just getting by’. The whole reason that many people decide to go it alone is because they want to have freedom in their lives. However, even in one’s own business that freedom is hard to gain. 

“The best and surest way to gain real freedom from your business is to have a ton of incoming leads. That way you know that you will never be short of your next customer, and that can really take the pressure off,” says Eva.

According to Eva, it is important to look beyond your local suburb, even if that is where you are based. Eva suggests that businesses wanting to get more sales need to consider that they need to look at attracting their potential customers from at least an additional 4-6 suburbs around their business. 

The population of a region can vary, such as a suburb like Glen Waverley compared to a city like Melbourne. That’s why a business can’t always count on there being enough people from within their own area to fill their service calendar. This means considering if they should be containing more surrounding suburbs within their marketing campaign.
If you’re interested in seeing how they set up their unique Media Content Marketing program Click Here, to go to the slideshow.

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