Author Lori Hyrup to Showcase Epic Fantasy Novel “Light in the Dark” at Frankfurt Book Fair 2023

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Frankfurt, Hessen Oct 12, 2023 ( – Acclaimed author Lori Hyrup is excited to announce her participation in one of the biggest book fair events, the Frankfurt Book Fair 2023, taking place in Frankfurt, Germany from October 18th to 22nd, 2023. Hyrup’s highly anticipated novel, “Light in the Dark,” will be exhibited under the prestigious Authors Press company and will be available for purchase at booth Halle/Hall 6.1 E45.

Light in the Dark is an enthralling epic fantasy that transports readers into a vibrant world being invaded by vampires and other creatures of darkness. The story revolves around Alara, a female devi who has forsaken her angelic wings to live among mortals. As the leader of a team of soldiers entrusted with handling extraordinary dangers, Alara uncovers a sinister plot by the dark gods to assassinate her creator, the god of life. This nefarious scheme involves the sacrificial ritual of her best friend. Determined to thwart this malevolent plan, Alara joins forces with a group of hostile shadow elves in a battle that pits the living against the dead. However, when the god of undeath and his followers appear to gain the upper hand, the future of the Earthen Realm–the land of the living–rests in Alara’s hands. She must rally the kingdoms together to wage an epic battle against the dark gods before it is too late. Light in the Dark is a captivating blend of adventure and emotion, as Alara, an ex-angel, fights against evil to protect those she holds dear.

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Author Lori Hyrup has been crafting original worlds since her high school days. Her passion for worldbuilding has seamlessly transitioned into her illustrious 27-year career as a video game designer and producer. While much of her creative work has been showcased in the realm of video games, Hyrup has kept a couple of special worlds she’s crafted on her own– including that from Light in the Dark–close to her heart.

Throughout her career, Lori Hyrup has worked on a multitude of notable projects, including the publication of games on AOL’s Game Channel during her early years. She later transitioned to larger-scale endeavors, such as the award-winning MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot and the critically acclaimed mobile action MMORPG Star Wars Uprising. Currently, Hyrup is working on the highly anticipated AAA game, Wonder Woman.

Lori’s extensive experience in game development has equipped her with a wealth of knowledge that she eagerly shares with others. In addition to her creative pursuits, she dedicates part of her time to teaching at the Academy of Art University in the School of Game Development.

Residing on a forested mountain in the Seattle region with her husband, Darrin, and their young daughter, Lori Hyrup finds solace in reading, playing games, and painting miniature gaming figures when she is not immersed in her work or spending quality time with her family.

Light in the Dark is available for purchase at Creative Books, Sweet A’s Book Cafe, Amazon, and all other leading online book retailers. The paperback edition is priced at $11.95.

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