Improve Your Holistic Wellbeing with Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen’s Nutritional Self-Help Book at the 2023 American Association of School Librarians National Conference

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Tampa, Florida Oct 17, 2023 ( – Nutrition is one of the most important aspects that one should nurture and focus on to kickstart and achieve a healthy lifestyle. While it may sound like an easy feat, starting a healthy habit can take a lot of research, and trial and error to find a routine that is tailored for you.

But don’t worry, Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen is here to guide you through your journey to attaining proper healthy habits. Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen’s book, Healthy Eating Wholesome Living: Nutritional Therapies and Testimonials 2nd Edition, is a great source for those wishing to seek help on how to find a suitable healthy routine that they could follow.

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In this year’s American Association of School Librarians National Conference, Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen, together with Authors Press, will partake in the event and showcase her book to a broader audience this October 19 to 21, 2023.

“I hope to use this book to network with a vast audience of health-conscious people. Hopefully, this book will resonate with like-minded people.”
— Yu-Shiaw Chen, Ph. D.,CN

Through this nutritional self-help book, Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen aims to raise the readers’ awareness of their own self-healing instincts — she quotes, “(to) lead them to take a nutritional approach and to get on the real preventative medicine, good nutrition.” Healthy Eating Wholesome Living: Nutritional Therapies and Testimonials 2nd Edition provides readers with all the necessary information to understand how to best take care of their bodies and minds. It spans topics ranging from nutrition and exercise to lifestyle improvements and setting goals.

Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen covers ways to optimize your diet, as well as details on how to create an exercise and nutrition plan that best works for your body. Moreover, she provides motivational support to encourage readers to commit to the process and puts emphasis on the need to stick with the process for long-term results. She even delineates specific steps on how to make small and achievable changes over time. This book has been Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen’s instrument in empowering readers to find ways to improve their wellbeing over

Curious about Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen’s ways of achieving a healthy lifestyle? Grab a copy of the book through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.

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