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Next-generation web intelligence for Compliance, Fraud, AML, and Open Source investigators

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- San Francisco, California Oct 19, 2023 ( – Harod Analysis and Kineviz have combined the Seeker cyber investigation platform with the GraphXR visual analytics platform to create SeekerXR. SeekerXR is a next-generation web intelligence platform created for Compliance, Fraud, AML, and Open Source investigators. With SeekerXR, investigators can uncover connections at machine speed and make sense of them with human expertise. 

Designed by investigators, for investigators, SeekerXR simultaneously searches, filters, and crosschecks data from hundreds of open and closed-web data sources, including 80+ social media platforms, worldwide company data, land registries, cargo data, the dark web, app user data and more. An intuitive interface enables link analysis and charting to uncover subject identifiers, background, web footprint, social and professional networks, commercial interests, and assets. 

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SeekerXR has already been used successfully for asset tracing, corruption investigations, intelligence development, defamation cases, profiling, threats, missing persons, and complex fraud investigations including:

  • Investigation of a Ponzi-style property fraud leading to the identification of assets around the globe, totaling almost $100 million, in less than two days.
  • Identification and prosecution of corrupt actors and the companies they were using to facilitate illegal payments inside a major sporting body 
  • Identification and mapping of illicit cash bureaus and money laundering operations across the Middle East 

SeekerXR was designed for mission-critical operations requiring secure collaboration, evidentiary standards, and compliance with regulations including GDPR and CCPA. SeekerXR runs via a web browser and can be hosted within the user’s on-prem server or private cloud.

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Harod Analysis was founded in 2015 by UK law enforcement veterans. Our goal is to provide clients with innovative and cost-effective solutions to investigating crime and risk issues. Harod has developed cutting-edge tools to support investigations in a wide range of scenarios, resulting in the delivery of many successful case outcomes and the identification of billions of USD of hidden assets. 


Kineviz was founded in 2015 as a community built on a foundation of technology and creativity. We are a team of scientists, computer engineers, and artists working to connect humans with data. By visualizing complex data we reveal elusive insights that enable better outcomes. From the start, we’ve remained revenue-funded while supporting world-class businesses, agencies, and nonprofits.


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