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Music Promotion Club is here with its special Halloween sale where users can get a flat 10% discount on its music promotion custom package, from 26th to 31st October.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Washington Grove, Maryland Oct 27, 2023 ( – Music Promotion Club is one of the most popular and reliable names in the industry which promotes aspiring artists on SoundCloud and YouTube. This promotional company is known for its undeniable success rate with every project and extremely affordable price range. The agency is now here with its special Halloween sale where the users can get a flat 10% discount on its services. The users can get the sale, starting from 26th October to 31st October on the custom packages where they can build their own promotional package to satisfy specific needs. These custom packages have different options that include both SoundCloud and YouTube promotions for artists along with other music promotion options.

The music promotion custom package from the Music Promotion Club is perfect for both aspiring and veteran artists. It is not common for new artists to have a huge marketing budget to spend on advertising themselves. However, marketing and advertising are equally important as having talent and producing quality music. The Music Promotion Club is known for its effective marketing strategies that come in affordable packages that new talents can obtain without spending too much money. Now with this Halloween sale coming up, starting from 26th October, all musicians, DJs and indie artists can take this chance to thrive in their career and set the best foothold in the music industry. This flat 10% discount will help you save money while gaining amazing exposure at the same time.

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Apart from being affordable, Music Promotion Club offers effective promotional services with immediate results. The company promotes artists who have released or will be releasing tracks on YouTube and SoundCloud. Gaining listeners from both SoundCloud and YouTube can be daunting as both these platforms have millions of registered users. Well, drawing attention from this huge audience pool can do wonders for your music career. Purchasing the custom package will, therefore, generate potential viewers and listeners to your tracks.

The custom packages that the company offers include both these platforms where the artists can build their one promotional campaign that is bundled with different other add-ons. The SoundCloud promotion will be run till the song gets 150k plays along with social media engagements and followers. Users will have the option to customize the packages and add different promotional elements to make the campaign best suited for their requirements. Similarly, artists who are looking to promote music videos on YouTube can customize their YouTube promotion package which can offer as much as 100,000 views.

These promotional campaigns get even stronger as the company uses content marketing and social media marketing which are all available to add to these customized packages. Depending on which areas to target, the artists can choose to release Music Blogs, Press Releases, Interviews, and Reviews and even feature on Digital Magazines as a part of the company’s content marketing. On the other hand, as a part of its social media marketing, the artists can choose to opt for Google Ads sponsored promotion programs, and Facebook and Instagram sponsored Ads programs. On top of that, the users can also choose to get an Electronic Press Kit that strengthens the campaigns even more. So, what are you waiting for? Build your customized promotion package with Music Promotion Club and get an additional 10% discount on the services. Make sure to fill your cart and order between 26th to 31st October.

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