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Using Commshop to track, manage, and maintain mission-critical radio and communications assets and infrastructure

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Birmingham, Alabama Oct 31, 2023 ( – Mcmtech has been selected to provide its Commshop radio asset and work order management software solution to the National Park Service to support the Communications Branch and radio shops in Yosemite National Park and the Pacific West region, providing service to over 70 parks and sites across six states and three territories.  

Mcmtech is a leader in mission-critical asset, inventory, and work order management software. This deployment will assist in the management of approximately 2,000 radios, mission-critical infrastructure, serialized assets, and consumable inventory, helping the National Park Service to: 

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  • know where all assets are and to whom each is assigned
  • prevent duplicate or out-of-range radio IDs and aliases
  • track unique configuration details
  • create and manage work orders for repair and maintenance
  • monitor technician productivity with detailed parts and labor histories
  • manage parts inventory (including location, quantity on hand, usage, and more)
  • generate and export data for reports

“Radio communications play a crucial role in our ability to manage the parks, help visitors, and protect the land,” says David Thorpe, Yosemite Telecommunications Manager. “We are pleased to partner with Mcmtech to enhance our ability to maintain a strong and reliable radio communications system.” 

“It’s such an honor to be able to help protect and manage these beautiful and historic regions of our country,” said Tom Bartels, CEO of Mcmtech, trail-runner and life-long nature enthusiast. “Our Commshop solution is truly the gold standard for radio asset management, and as a frequent patron of our National Parks, I have a personal sense of satisfaction knowing that our team’s software solution is helping our Park Service professionals do their jobs well.”        

The project was awarded through the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (contract # 47QTCA22D00CS) which allows government agencies to procure vetted and pre-contracted offerings quickly and cost-effectively. 

About Mcmtech

With over 20 years of industry expertise, Mcmtech solutions are purpose-built for public safety’s unique asset, inventory, and work order management needs, and include the only applications in this niche that can integrate with radio systems. Its web-based, enterprise-class software platform Motiondeck powers flexible, scalable, secure solutions and can be cloud-hosted or installed on-premise. With well over 200+ systems deployed in 40 states and 14 countries, Mcmtech continues to implement new projects worldwide. Click here to learn about its most popular products: Commshop, Commasset, Motion360, Motiontrack, and Quartermaster. 

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Based in Birmingham, Alabama, with multiple locations across the country.

Mcmtech is the leading provider of mission-critical asset management software solutions. Built for the high standards of mission-critical equipment, Mcmtech’s asset, inventory, and work order management software includes the only asset management software that can integrate with radio systems, which is why it’s the gold standard solution for agencies responsible for managing radio and communications equipment and infrastructure.

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Based in Birmingham, Alabama, with multiple locations across the country.