Domenico Amicuzi Real Estate Manager

Real estate manager Domenico Amicuzi participated in the GreenVesting Forum 2023, held at “Le Village by Crédit Agricole” in Milan on October 27.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Milan, Italy Nov 2, 2023 ( – The GreenVesting Forum 2023 was a great success, thanks to the commitment and collaboration of numerous participants, including representatives of Renantis, IcoPower, Crédit Agricole, as well as the most important companies that raise funds through Ener2Crowd. The presence of prominent figures in the world of energy, university, and finance contributed to making the event a moment of great importance for the green investment sector.

In addition, the GreenVesting Forum also hosted personalities linked to climate activism, including actor Enrico Ballardini, protagonist of the series “The Adventures of Councilor Cambiarotta,” funded by Ener2Crowd, and Michele Dotti.

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This diversified participation made the event a meeting point of unique and complementary perspectives, highlighting the importance of a holistic approach to sustainability.

Domenico Amicuzi’s contribution to the GreenVesting Forum 2023, as a member of the ethical committee of Ener2Crowd, testifies to his commitment and attention to sustainability and green investments in Italy.

His participation in the event helped to highlight the impact balance sheet of Ener2Crowd, as a benefit company, underlining the importance of this platform and app in the panorama of green investments in Italy.

About Domenico Amicuzi

Domenico Amicuzi is an established real estate manager with a successful career in Italy. Through his commitment and leadership, he has contributed significantly to the development of many real estate operations in the commercial sector. In addition to his career in the real estate sector, Amicuzi is also a member of the ethical committee of Ener2Crowd, one of the leading platforms for green investments in Italy.

About Ener2Crowd

Ener2Crowd is the leading platform and app in Italy for green investments. With a strong commitment to sustainability and the promotion of green initiatives, Ener2Crowd has played a crucial role in fostering responsible and sustainable investments in the country.

Domenico Amicuzi Investimenti Green

Domenico Amicuzi
Highly experienced and results-oriented real estate manager with a well-documented history of achieving success within the Italian real estate industry.